Yelp Relies on SnapLogic to Power AWS Redshift Cloud Analytics

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BigData use caseBIG DATA USE CASE

SnapLogic, an industry leader in enterprise integration platform as a service (iPaaS), announced that Yelp is running SnapLogic to connect data from Salesforce and other sources and load it into its Amazon Redshift data warehouse for comprehensive cloud analytics. SnapLogic enables Yelp to access, transform, and consolidate huge amounts of data from disparate cloud and on-premises sources for better business insight and decision-making.

We needed a way to connect a growing amount of business data from disparate sources in order to conduct product analysis and review revenue streams, among other analyses,” said Krishna Bhagavan, Sales & Marketing Engineering Manager at Yelp. “We considered building our own integrations but after an impressive proof of concept we realized SnapLogic could meet our needs faster and more cost-effectively. We continue to find new data and application integration use cases for the SnapLogic platform. By automating our application and data integrations, SnapLogic cut our development time in half, and saved us tremendous amounts of time and resources. Looking ahead, we’re planning to deploy the Workday Snap to connect our human resources data to Redshift. SnapLogic has proven to be a tremendous asset.”

Yelp deployed the SnapLogic Elastic Integration Platform along with AWS Redshift, Salesforce, and other core technology Snaps, in just three months. SnapLogic provides more than 300 pre-built intelligent connectors, called Snaps, for cloud-based applications, on-premises applications, big data sources, business intelligence tools, data visualization tools and more. SnapLogic’s enterprise integration platform enables users to easily extract data from various sources and formats and load it into the Amazon Redshift data warehouse quickly and without coding.

Yelp is among the growing number of companies looking to reap the benefits of integrated data and applications,” said Jack Kudale, senior vice president of field operations at SnapLogic. “The SnapLogic Elastic Integration Platform and Snaps are helping Yelp to secure analytical and operational efficiencies for their sales and marketing teams that deliver improved services and significant benefits for their customers.”


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