When Everyone Wants Big Data, Who Gets It?

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ArcadiaData_webinarThe accelerating supply of big data is converging with accelerating data demand from everyday business users. What does it take to get from Hadoop as a data reservoir to Hadoop as a day-to-day data source for your business and end users? The answer to ‘what’ is ‘how’ and ‘who’. Reducing architectural reliance on ‘small data’ technologies and broadening access to Hadoop hold the key to big data payoff.

Arcadia Data, builder of a visual analytics and business intelligence platform for big data that runs natively on Hadoop, is hosting a compelling webinar on Thursday, March 24, 2016 at 10am Pacific/1pm Eastern to exemplify how you can put Hadoop to work with Unified Visual Analytics and BI.

An important focal point centered around big data is the promise of analytical insights on very large, diverse, and free form data sources. The Apache Hadoop architecture is a key enabling technology here, significantly lowering the costs for retaining data from multiple sources and sifting through it at dramatically lower cost than a traditional, proprietary enterprise data warehouse. Hadoop is also more than the core tools of a distributed file system and an analytics engine. In contrast, Hadoop is a diverse and rapidly evolving ecosystem of technologies that flexibly support any application the business needs. As such, BI on Hadoop has the potential to largely disrupt the traditional and complex set of BI and data warehouse platforms and processes. Arcadia Data is working to break the barriers to successful BI on Hadoop by greatly simplifying the environment and making the insights easily accessible to more of the business users.

Join Nik Rouda, Big Data analyst and blogger at the Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG), as he hosts this web event featuring guest presentations from real world practitioners Tanwir Danish, VP of Product Development at Marketshare (acquired by Neustar) and Rajiv Synghal, Chief Architect, Big Data Strategy at Kaiser Permanente.

Topics to be discussed during this timely webinar are:

  • Latest research on Hadoop adoption patterns and anti-patterns
  • Putting users at the center of big data utilization and avoiding the data scientist paradox
  • Architectural misconceptions that can tank big data initiatives
  • Security and multi-tenancy strategies to accelerate adoption
  • Retooling skills and organizational thinking when big data is the rule, not the exception

In this webinar, Arcadia Data will take you through a measured and strategic approach toward the adoption of the Big Data technology stack in order to address the increasing value of enterprise data assets. Register today.

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