A Contemporary Perspective of Digital Transformation

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IDC defines Digital Transformation as the continuous process by which enterprises adapt to or drive disruptive changes in their customers and markets by leveraging digital competencies to create new business models, products and services. Digital Transformation empowers organization to take advantage of all their existing digital assets in new ways, allowing enterprises to re-envision their entire business, including customer experience, operational processes and financial models.  This is achieved by tapping into their DARK DATA,  that valuable 80% of data assets that are not being utilized by organizations, which includes emails, internal documents, customer claims, and any other text based data.

In 2016, and over the next several years, Cognitive Computing and IoT are two critical building blocks for digitally transforming today’s organization into tomorrow’s thinking businesses. By 2018 over 50% of enterprises are expected to embed cognitive capabilities in their apps and services (IDC March 2016).

Our friends over at Loop AI Labs have provided the video presentations below that discuss how they built a framework for Human Capacity Cognitive Computing, which helps organizations to quickly morph at scale into Digitally Transformed companies. The Loop AI Cognitive Platform learns and reasons on its own, infusing cognitive capabilities into every aspect of an organization’s  digital operations, thus transforming every mission-critical component of the business. As an example, the Loop AI Cognitive Platform self-learns from scratch in any language (including complex languages like Chinese, Korean and Arabic) and self-acquires decades of knowledge in hours, directly from the organization’s valuable dark data assets. On average, 4,000 hours of human generated work can be performed by the Loop AI Cognitive Platform in just 20 minutes.

Loop AI Labs explains how its cognitive computing platform has an advantage over traditional natural language processing techniques with dark data:

Understanding is Power, Loop AI Labs Cognitive Computing Platform, by Bart Peintner, (CTO), Loop AI Labs:

Doing semantics with GPUs, Patrick Ehlen, Chief Scientist, Loop AI Labs:


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