Nalanda Technology Unleashes the Power of Precision Data Search

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Nalanda_logoWe live in a world where data volume is growing exponentially and where information is not only accessed through a number of devices but can be stored in a disparate number of places, from servers which might be on the other side of the world or in the cloud.  Finding the right information when you need it has become increasingly difficult and frustrating.   Millions of productive man hours are lost every day through not being able to search effectively. Nalanda Technology, established in 2013, has developed the next generation precision search and discovery platform.  Their solutions enable users to carry out a detailed search of their data regardless of where it is stored.  Moreover, the technology  ‘Nalytics’, assists in the analysis of data by enabling users to make sophisticated searches which puts the information in context and can highlight relationships between seemingly disparate bits of information. Nalanda is taking search and discovery to the next level!

Back in in 2013, the Company’s founders had a vision. They wanted to develop and deliver a core software solution that was innovative, simple to use, fast and effective. Why? To help any individual or business user who struggled with navigating and searching their electronic documents and data. They wanted to help people get to the right information at the right time – Nalanda Technology was born.

Designed to be easy and intuitive to use, the Nalytics platform is presented as Software as a Service, so can be accessed by any device or browser and does not require any software download. Users can be searching for data within minutes of deployment. Nalytics places the power into the end user’s hands, and when deployed means all key information is quickly findable and organized – the level of search precision is second to none.

Nalytics helps individuals, teams and entire organizations access and analyse their data to enhance insight, drive innovation and deliver improvements. Cutting edge technology delivering powerful search, analytical and explorative capabilities.

Most people are familiar with the Google search engine but its discovery capabilities are quite limited, you are typically presented with too many results to be able to accurately decipher what it is telling you,” Peter O’Hara, chief executive, Nalanda Technology. “We are driven by the question, after you Google it then what next? How do you enable a user to gather from multiple results, multiple content sources and dive deeper to get better insights? Our platform covers the whole of your information sources, from the web, from emails and attachments to Dropbox data, and the application does not have to be launched to view and review the data. Put simply we believe there is no such thing as unstructured data.  All data has an inherent structure; using our technology anything held in a digital format can be simply processed to create data resource sets.  These can be used to locate and discover information and meaningful content within its context and structure, delivering 100% precision. We are living in a digital world, in which our life and work is increasingly expressed in narrative that is lost in an ocean of big data.  The key question is how to make sense and navigate this ocean of complex data and be confident of finding the right answer.  Our solution is designed to deal with anything from a few hundred documents to terabytes of data and will put the power of search and discovery back in the hands of the user.  Our mission is to make the complex simple and empower users to find the right information at the right time.”

Key markets for Nalytics will be anywhere where large amounts of unstructured data needs to be searched and analysed.  This will include medical and clinical research, pharma, investigative research/journalism, operational risk management, legal research, audit and compliance and data preservation and archiving.

We need to urgently address the problems from the 24/7 ‘always on’ economy which is affecting each individual and organization across the planet,” commented David Rivett, a director and founder of Nalanda. “The emergence of the Internet of Things (IoT) will mean that even more data will be generated through wearable technology, our smartphones and a plethora of devices connected to the digital world.  According to Gartner this year the number of ‘connected things’ will reach 6.4 billion and is forecast to be 20.8 billion by 2020.  This will produce a phenomenal amount of structured and unstructured data which somehow will need to be managed and controlled.  Various studies have shown that for most organisations the ability to find information quickly and efficiently — ‘findability’ — is crucial to their overall business goals and success.”

Nalanda is part of the OLM Group of companies ( which has a 25-year track record of introducing innovative and cutting edge solutions in sectors such as health, social care and local government.


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