RAVN Systems Launch Cognitive Computing Powered Google Search Appliance Replacement Program

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RAVN Systems, leading experts in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Search and Knowledge Management solutions, announced the launch of their Google Search Appliance replacement program. Google will cease to support the Google Search Appliance by the end of March 2019. Therefore, RAVN are offering existing Google Search Appliance customers a discount to upgrade to a more feature rich and modern solution: RAVN Connect Enterprise.

RAVN Connect Enterprise is an innovative approach to capturing, finding, managing and collaborating on your organization’s hard won knowledge and expertise. It is based on RAVN’s award winning “Applied Cognitive Engine” (“ACE”), which offers capabilities that go far beyond merely searching for documents and web pages, including Machine Learning capabilities and automatic extraction of key data from the unstructured data under management. It is easily configurable with simple yet powerful GUI based administration tools, offering an easy migration path from the Google Search Appliance and other legacy search solutions.

RAVN Connect Enterprise differs from other search solutions with its cognitive features and takes Enterprise Search and unstructured data management to the next level. Although at first resembling a traditional looking Enterprise Search interface, RAVN Connect Enterprise goes above and beyond generic Enterprise Search by incorporating several new features that help organizations manage their documents and other unstructured data a lot more efficiently. A few of those capabilities are:

  • Contextual guided search as you type
  • Automatic classification using iterative Machine Learning techniques
  • Deconstructing documents and contracts into their constituent parts, for instance creating Clause Libraries – letting users search for knowledge rather than merely documents
  • Graph based searches – exploiting explicit and implicit links between knowledge objects both for exploratory purposes but also to enhance relevance (i.e. term frequency is not the only measure of relevance)
  • Personal relevance – the ability to adjust relevance and functionality to who you are in the business

Organisations looking for a solution to the end of life of the GSA have an opportunity to not only replace one system with another in a very easy and pain-free way, but also to take the next step in capability with RAVN Connect Enterprise,” said Peter Wallqvist, CSO and Co-Founder at RAVN Systems. “The same ethos in ease of use and minimal services required is ingrained in our product and by taking this risk-free approach to an already proven solution you can future proof your business.”


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