The Next Generation of Managing Enterprise Data: Cloud Optimized

Atif Majid, Podium
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This sponsored post from Atif Majid, Co-Founder and Technologist, at Podium Data, is the final in a three-part series focused on the need for flexibility in supporting infrastructure for enterprise data management. This post focuses on the growing importance of being cloud optimized for managing enterprise data. 

Atif Majid, Podium

Atif Majid, Co-Founder and Technologist, Podium Data

Along with more insights and more agility critical to delivering the next generation enterprise data management, businesses now need flexibility to quickly adapt to the most effective infrastructure. Does the delivering deeper insights at faster speeds today guarantee sustainability and the ability to scale in the future? The key is utilizing a platform with innovation resilience where, as the infrastructure evolves, it maintains the flexibility to perpetually meet specific business requirements.

Cloud Optimized

 Many challenges throughout the enterprise are causing sleepless nights for executives including greater global competition, tighter budgets, managing M&A activities, and complying with stringent regulations. The ability to leverage and scale big data usage is critical to simultaneously managing all these demands. However, siloed business environments, old and new, are the norm. Ensuring the right information, wherever it resides, reaches the right people at the right time is crucial to harnessing innovation spurring unmatched business agility.

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According to a Gartner, “By 2019, more than 30 percent of the 100 largest vendors’ new software investments will have shifted from cloud-first to cloud-only.” With standards in place today requiring specific data to be on premise combined with the expensive prospect of managing all data through this method, a hybrid model in various forms become appealing for meeting all requirements while minimizing cost. An enterprise data management platform must have the flexibility to adapt at the speed of business and support fast, accurate decisions.

Data Management with Podium – Anytime, Anywhere

The complex characteristics of enterprise data – big data, varying data types, widely distributed – must be addressed for organizations to derive and thrive from the use and consumption (often through analytics) of digital assets. Podium Data was formed and exists to not only bring substantially higher returns from the proliferation of Hadoop data lakes, but to augment and embrace newer technologies and data systems architectures of the future.

cloud optimized

Podium provides the flexibility for businesses to leverage a consistent data management platform even as the IT infrastructure, including underlying data storage and data processing platforms, evolves overtime. Podium delivers on this promise by having an architecture that abstracts out the storage and data processing engines thus enabling Podium to support multiple variants of those concepts. Mix and match Podium by running either on premise or in the cloud while the data itself resides in an on premise, cloud or hybrid configuration. For example, with Podium running anywhere on one node, manage key private data stored on premise while managing the majority of other data stored in the cloud. Whether the data must remain completely on-site vs leveraging a complete cloud-based infrastructure or somewhere in-between, Podium supports these scenarios with the ability to manage data anytime, anywhere.  Shifting from on premise to hybrid or hybrid to a fully cloud scenario has its implementation challenges, however, with the flexibility of the Podium platform, the investment in enterprise data management remains simple and unchanged.

Businesses not only evolve across technology platforms, but also at various levels across business units and countries either organically or through mergers and acquisitions. Through the complex evolution of an enterprise, Podium remains the consistent platform allowing for holistic understanding of all data over time.

The inherent elasticity and agility of a cloud-based data platform provides a major operational and financial advantage.

Data Management with Podium – Elastic On-Demand

The inherent elasticity and agility of a cloud-based data platform provides a major operational and financial advantage. Leveraging these advantages concurrent with enterprise data management from Podium enables businesses to combine optimizing operational excellence and product leadership from innovation as a competitive strategy.

With Podium running on one node in the cloud, even with terabytes of data stored on the lake, insights from the data through lineage, validation, profiling, etc. are available with minimal resource utilization.  The moment the data needs to be processed, schedule the spin up of resources to run the necessary jobs and then spin it back down.  Schedule the timing as necessary to utilize resources necessary to enable total flexibility to the business.

Setting the Standard for Business Agility

The adaptiveness of Podium’s platform is among its core strengths, delivering big returns on the data environments businesses have invested heavily in today, to the emerging and unknown data topologies of the future. The exemplary engineering teams at Podium, alongside the early trailblazers of customers open to new thinking, has helped Podium guide how organizations assemble, organize, discover, share and derive meaning from today’s data while hiding all the complexities of underlying infrastructure. The Podium Data Marketplace provides the ability to expand when needed to bring data in and out anywhere at anytime, taking data stewardship (IT) and data consumption (users) to a whole new level, be it human or automated.

Raising the bar. Again.

It is clear that the paradigm of managing data at the enterprise level is quickly shifting. Businesses feel the pressure to make decisions faster to become leaders in areas such as operational excellence, solution innovation and customer service. To achieve these lofty goals across the enterprise, businesses are demanding more with all data. To enable a holistic view of the business with secure, well-governed data, more insights, more agility and more flexibility are paramount to becoming enterprise-ready.  The latest capabilities of the Podium Data Marketplace focus on these needs. Combining Intelligent data identification, data conductor, and cloud optimized functionality with a single, integrated self-service environment, data producers and consumers throughout the business are working together like never before.  Podium Data is raising the bar to leverage the value of analytics and data-driven decision making in the new era of big data.

Atif Majid is Co-Founder and Technologist at Podium Data.

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