IBM Introduces Elastic Storage on Cloud

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ibm-logoIBM is announcing a new software defined storage-as-a-service on IBM SoftLayer, code named Elastic Storage on Cloud,  that gives organizations access to a fully-supported, ready-to-run storage environment, which includes SoftLayer bare metal resources and high performance data management and allows organizations to move data between their on-premise infrastructure and the cloud. Elastic Storage on Cloud is optimized for technical computing and analytics workloads, providing more storage capability in a more cost-effective way. Organizations can now easily meet sudden spikes in storage demands without needing to purchase or manage in-house infrastructure.

With this new service, clients running high performance analytics will also be able to quickly and easily deploy their applications on fully supported ready-to-run clusters complete with Elastic Storage, IBM Platform LSF or Platform Symphony workload management software and SoftLayer’s bare-metal infrastructure, which will allow them to expand or decrease not only storage but also compute capacity seamlessly and securely to match user and infrastructure needs. An InfiniBand network combined with the dedicated bare metal servers will enable organizations to meet the performance demands of their compute-intensive applications in a highly secure hybrid or public cloud environment. Clients will also have the ability to control data center locality for higher security and to meet data regulations. IBM plans on having 40 data center locations by the end of the year providing clients more choice on data center locations.


With on-demand access to Elastic Storage resources, organizations working on high performance computing and analytics such as seismic data processing, credit risk management and financial analysis, weather modeling, genomics and scientific research are able to quickly adapt to changing business needs and get their products or research out of the door faster.

Elastic Storage on Cloud is available starting July 15, 2014.  The price starts at $13,735 per 100 TB per month and includes software licenses, SoftLayer infrastructure and full support.


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