Databricks Cloud Announcement and Demo at Spark Summit 2014

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DatabricksComing to us from the recent Spark Summit 2014, here is a compelling presentation by Databricks CEO Ion Stoica that sets the stage for Spark’s continued advance in the big data ecosystem. The Databricks Cloud provides the full power of Spark, in the cloud, plus a powerful set of features for exploring and visualization your data, as well as writing and deploying production data products.

The Databricks Cloud includes the following features:

The Full Power of Spark

  • Databricks Cloud uses only the 100% open source Spark API
  • Perform sophisticated analysis with MLlib (machine learning), GraphX, and Spark SQL
  • Your code runs the same way on any Spark distribution

Fully Managed

  • Get started with big data in seconds
  • Databricks Cloud manages metadata, launching clusters, and access control
  • Work seamlessly with your existing S3 data

Powerful Notebooks & Beautiful Dashboards

  • Visualize data right as you explore it
  • Collaborate in real-time
  • Export your analysis to production dashboards in seconds



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