Clustrix Releases Specialized Database for E-Commerce

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clustrixdb_logo Clustrix, has announced the launch of the latest version of ClustrixDB, purpose-built and optimized for fast growing e-commerce sites. Designed to meet the unique demands of today’s online retailers, ClustrixDB increases site throughput and availability, providing fault-tolerant performance during peak periods. With an always-on shopping experience, ClustrixDB allows businesses to capture more revenue from more channels.

The scale-out architecture of ClustrixDB ensures zero downtime and continuous support for e-commerce transactions with automated fault-tolerance even during hardware outages or upgrades to the database. With ClustrixDB, e-commerce sites can easily flex up database capacity and throughput to keep pace with an ever-increasing and variable volume of customers, products and orders while reducing the risk of costly slowdowns and outages. ClustrixDB offers an always-on shopping experience and live reporting of business performance metrics to provide shoppers with a seamless experience. This new version is compatible with MySQL and offers unique performance enhancements for Magento-based e-commerce implementations.

In e-commerce, slow site performance means lost customers. As a fast-growing e-commerce business, we can’t simply trust that our database will scale, we have to be sure it will,” said Graham Hobson, CTO and Co-founder, Photobox. “Clustrix met the no-downtime demands of our business, handling rapid growth and spikiness thereby allowing us to focus on scaling our business, not our website.”

As e-commerce businesses continue to grow or when demand spikes hit, the database is forced to work harder. If the database gets over-loaded, customers will have a frustratingly slow shopping experience. Even worse, the database can stop working altogether and merchants will lose out on potential revenue.

Before implementing ClustrixDB we were seeing 20 percent increases in traffic at peak times and struggling to keep up with the demands of these spikes,” said Keith Bussey, VP of Technology, nomorerack. “Unwilling to continue paying the heavy cost of downtime, we looked to Clustrix. The result: we were able to handle a 3x spike in database load and achieve a 600 percent increase in revenue on the busiest shopping day of the year.”

A recent study by The Ponemon Institute found that the average cost of website downtime is$7,908 per minute. When Amazon went down last year, the service disruption cost $66,240 per minute. Moreover, 57 percent of customers will abandon a cart if a page takes more than three seconds to load, and 80 percent of those will never return.

It’s that time of year again – the time when everyone starts speculating about how many sites will crash on Cyber Monday,” said Mike Azevedo, CEO, Clustrix. “Many companies using MySQL are unprepared to handle website traffic spikes and don’t realize they’re at risk year round, not just during the holiday shopping season. Without a scale-out database to support peaks, your biggest sales day could become your last.”

ClustrixDB for e-commerce annual subscription pricing starts at $18,000. Available immediately, unique features include:

  • Scale-Out SQL: As capacity and throughput demands increase during peak seasons and sales spikes throughout the year, database servers can be seamlessly added to the existing cluster and subsequently removed with absolutely no downtime.
  • Distributed Processing / Shared-Nothing Architecture: Database transactions are distributed automatically to maximize throughput in support of resource-intensive workloads, simultaneously handling tens of thousands of users, real time catalog updates, reporting of live performance metrics, etc.
  • Automated Recovery / Rebalancing: Data is re-distributed in the background without taxing the system or interrupting a user’s experience, and in the event a database server goes offline, ClustrixDB will automatically redistribute data to the remaining online servers and keep running.
  • Oracle MySQL / Magento Compatibility: Native compatibility with MySQL and Magento for seamless integration and quicker adoption, leveraging more server horsepower.


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