MapR SQL-on-Hadoop Superiority with Support for Advancements in Schema Flexibility Cited

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MapR Logo - New 2014_FEATUREMapR Technologies, Inc., provider of a leading distribution for Apache™ Hadoop®, has announced that its SQL-on-Hadoop solution earned the highest score for Hadoop/data warehouse interoperability in Gigaom Research’s latest Sector Roadmap.  MapR was among six vendors featured in Gigaom Research’s January 2015 report entitled Sector Roadmap: Hadoop/Data Warehouse Interoperability.  The integration and schema advantages of Apache Drill in the MapR Distribution including Hadoop were cited as a key factor for the top placement of MapR in this competitive evaluation.

MapR is committed to ensuring production-ready deployment success for Hadoop across the entire spectrum of data-to-action,” said Jack Norris, chief marketing officer, MapR Technologies.  “This recognition as the highest scoring SQL-on-Hadoop offering is another validation that our approach to combining mission-critical, real-time capabilities with intuitive, self-service data exploration is the winning combination that the market is demanding.”

Gigaom Research’s Sector Roadmap examines SQL-on-Hadoop solution offerings from Hadoop distribution vendors, as well as incumbent database vendors. Gigaom Research identifies key usage scenarios made possible by these solutions and the architectural distinctions between them.

Vendor solutions are evaluated over six Disruption Vectors: schema flexibility, data engine, interoperability, pricing model, enterprise manageability, workload role optimization, and query engine maturity. These vectors collectively measure not just how well a SQL-on-Hadoop solution can facilitate Hadoop-data warehouse integration, but how successfully it does so with respect to the emerging usage patterns discussed in this report.

Apache Drill provides the flexibility to immediately query complex data in native formats, such as schema-less data, nested data, and data with rapidly-evolving schemas, with minimal IT involvement.  Because SQL queries can run directly on various file formats, live data can be explored as it is coming in, versus spending weeks preparing and managing schemas and setting up ETL tasks.   Additionally, Apache Drill supports ANSI SQL so users can easily leverage their SQL skills and existing investments in business intelligence (BI) tools.


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