Vantrix Selects Hunk to Enhance Customer Experience

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Splunk Inc. (NASDAQ: SPLK), provider of a leading software platform for real-time Operational Intelligence,  announced that Vantrix, a global provider of media delivery solutions to service and content providers, relies on Hunk®: Splunk Analytics for Hadoop and NoSQL Data Stores to quickly search, explore, and analyze billions of machine data events stored in Hadoop. Vantrix Media Platform has now leveraged Hunk software to create enhanced mobile data analytics for its global mobile service provider customers. These new offerings have generated new revenue streams for Vantrix. To learn more, watch the Vantrix customer video.

Hunk has opened the door to enhancing customer experiences for everyone in the value chain and, in turn, new revenue streams,” said Mark Hopper, vice president of product management, Vantrix. “Hunk enables Vantrix, for the first time ever, to explore data in Hadoop without having to know exactly what they are searching for from the start and without programming expertise. This has led to new discoveries that inspired us to create new mobile analytics capabilities for Vantrix Media Platform.”

Vantrix customers on average serve more than 10 million subscribers that generate 26 million video data session records per day and store billions of accumulated video data session records. Using Hunk, Vantrix Media Platform can easily search through all this data stored in Hadoop in seconds. Users can explore, analyze and visualize the data to provide rich insights into network traffic, quality of experience, and usage behaviors, patterns and trends. With Hunk, Vantrix enables service providers to identify specific reasons for poor video streaming performance on a mobile network. The company can alert social media sites, for instance, that sluggish video performance is due to the usage of non-optimum video encoding rates for a given mobile network. These discoveries have led to new market partnerships that continue to improve user experiences.

Vantrix’s new offerings and revenue streams prove the value that Hunk can very quickly deliver from data formerly locked up in Hadoop or NoSQL databases,” said Steve Sommer, chief marketing officer, Splunk. “Access to data liberates employees to discover issues and opportunities, such as the innovative analytical product offerings that Hunk empowered for Vantrix Media Platform. Organizations gain a competitive advantage when they use Hunk software that makes it easy, regardless of technical skill level, to explore, analyze and visualize data. We can’t wait to see what else Vantrix discovers in its Hadoop data.”

Download Hunk 6.2 for a 60-day free trial and in less than one hour, be up and running to explore, analyze and visualize your data in Hadoop. Hunk is also available directly from the Amazon Elastic MapReduce (Amazon EMR) console and priced on an hourly basis. AWS customers can automatically provision Hunk within minutes or bring their existing Hunk licenses to the Amazon EMR platform. For an interactive Hunk tutorial and sample dashboards, download the free Hunk Sandbox from the Splunk website.


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