Skytree Automates Data Science with New Enterprise Class Machine Learning Platform

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SkytreeLogo_Tagline-md.pngSkytree®, a leader in enterprise machine learning on big data, has announced Skytree InfinityTM 15.1 to make machine learning accessible to more users and increase the productivity of data scientists. Skytree Infinity 15.1 pairs its high performance, scalable and highly accurate machine learning algorithms with increased automation and ease of use to save data scientists time and make machine learning much easier for enterprises to adopt.

The model creation process is often described as finding a needle in a haystack. At best, it is a slow, tedious and inefficient process, which ultimately compromises model accuracy that delivers sub-optimal results. Now, Skytree Infinity 15.1 automates key data science tasks, significantly increases the productivity and ultimately the results that come from the work of data scientists,” said Dr. Alex Gray, co-founder and chief technology officer at Skytree.

Data Science Automation

Skytree Infinity 15.1 represents major advancements in state of the art automation to streamline the data science process. Skytree’s patent pending AutoModel™ automatically determines optimal parameters and algorithms for maximum model accuracy, typically saving data scientists weeks and often months of manual work. Combined with Skytree’s one-step process to train, tune and test models, the time and complexity required to build models is reduced even further. The latest version also delivers the data transformations most used by data scientists when building machine learning models, significantly cutting down the time and effort needed for data preparation.

Enhanced Model Management

The latest release introduces a unified project-based data scientist workspace to visually prepare, build, deploy and manage models. The unified workspace increases advanced analytics adoption and makes machine learning accessible to a broader audience. The project-based approach allows users to easily manage data and activities used to build models.

Skytree Infinity 15.1 further improves model management and governance with model auto documentation, which includes a full audit trail. Models generated by Skytree 15.1 automatically document all datasets, transformations, algorithms and results, which are displayed in an easy-to-understand visual format. Additionally, all changes are tracked, creating a full audit trail, including changes to the model, when they were made and who made them. This level of model management and governance is critical for sophisticated data science teams working in enterprises of all sizes, including regulated industries and organizations.

Skytree is actively working with customers in key industries, including financial services, telecommunications, retail, technology and government to provide support in business-critical functions such as fraud detection, churn prevention, risk analysis, predictive maintenance, network analytics and targeting and recommendations.

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