Informatica Tackles Data Lake Problems

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informatica-logoCapgemini, a foremost provider of consulting, technology and outsourcing services, announced today that Informatica is now part of the Business Data Lake ecosystem developed by Capgemini and Pivotal. Customers worldwide will now be able to leverage Informatica’s data integration software in addition to Pivotal’s advanced big data, analytics and application software, and Capgemini’s industry and implementation expertise. Informatica will deliver certified technologies for Data Integration, Data Quality and Master Data Management (MDM) to help enterprises distill raw data into actionable insights.

The Business Data Lake is disrupting the market and redefining the way the enterprise approaches its business information,” said Steve Jones, Global VP of Big Data at Capgemini. “With Informatica’s certification of its technology on the Pivotal Big Data Suite, this enables Pivotal, Informatica and Capgemini to answer some of the biggest questions about information today: how can companies take advantage of the information explosion and still remain in control? How can you deliver next generation analytics but have the assurance that the information being used is proven? Rather like a super search engine “in a box,” this solution will help companies transform into truly Data Driven Enterprises, with a business-centric view across all structured and unstructured data.”

The Business Data Lake which was originally developed by Capgemini and Pivotal in December 2013 is designed to provide a unified approach to information management, reporting and integration. The inclusion of Informatica will add several new capabilities to the Big and Fast Data architecture including:

  • Hundreds of high-speed connectors and pre-built transformations that parse, integrate and cleanse data to automatically distill raw data into actionable insights
  • Visual development environment, reusable business rules, and flexible deployment models that accelerate the implementation of production-ready data pipelines up to five times faster
  • Data quality and end-to-end data lineage to ensure data can be trusted, and
  • MDM to create authoritative, 360-degree view of relationships among business-critical data.

This widened ecosystem will help customers reduce implementation time, risk and complexity, and also deliver real-time predictive analytics, business agility and cost reduction. It will enable enterprises to leverage open source technology, industry leading software, and open Cloud-based deployments for both on-premise and public and private cloud environments.

To successfully implement a Business Data Lake, companies need to operationalize the entire data pipeline that distills raw data into high quality information,” said Amit Walia, senior vice president and general manager, Data Integration and Data Security, Informatica. “We’re excited to be part of the Capgemini and Pivotal Business Data Lake Ecosystem. Informatica accelerates and simplifies the data integration and data governance process, so the business has rapid access to actionable insights.”

The Business Data Lake is in response to market needs, where businesses are looking to new, cost-effective enterprise data management platforms to gain more value from unstructured data and access real-time analytics to drive next generation applications. This is becoming ever more critical as companies look to drive new services and develop new revenue streams through data-driven business insights. Current big data solutions face limitations and are not comprehensive enough to support the data pipelines and real-time capabilities required for operational systems and often do not meet the required levels of data governance, quality and security. The Business Data Lake addresses these issues and helps businesses leverage their data in a way that makes sense, from both an individual and business perspective, rather than just a single enterprise view.

At Pivotal we’ve always believed in building strong relationships, and driving new value for our customers,” said Sundeep Madra, Vice President, Data Products, Pivotal. “The Business Data Lake we co-innovated with Capgemini was a great demonstration of that. And now with Informatica – we are taking that to the next level and showing how our approach is about helping businesses deliver more value and creating an ecosystem of partners aligned to that common goal.”


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  1. Capgemini’s Business Data Lake has quite a lot of potential and will be very useful in the coming years as the data explosion is just going to get bigger and bigger. Pair that with Informatica’s years of experience in the big data field and we are bound to get a very robust and useful platform to work it.