Newest EMC Federation Solution Paves Way for Disruptive Differentiation With Big Data

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EMC-LogoEMC Corporation (NYSE:EMC) today announced the Federation Business Data Lake (FBDL). The fully engineered, integrated and tested solution includes leading storage and Big Data analytics technologies from EMC Information Infrastructure, Pivotal, and VMware to help customers leverage the new world of Big Data, thereby clearing the path for new insights and disruptive differentiation.

Implemented in as few as seven days[1], the FBDL greatly simplifies the massively complex task of building a Data Lake and is designed for speed, self-service and scalability for the enterprise, enabling organizations to begin making better-informed business decisions using Big Data analytics. The FBDL joins the Enterprise Hybrid Cloud Solution as a cross-federation solution that includes integrated technologies and targeted services across the EMC portfolio.

Competitive pressures and global economic uncertainties are forcing disruption of traditional business models while the advance of digital business models continue to accelerate. With enterprises sitting on mountains of internal data, coupled with the ability to access and leverage external and other publicly available open data, organizations have the potential to unlock new business opportunities. The opportunity to apply Big Data analytics to make more informed, timely decisions opens up the possibility for real-time insights, new efficiencies and new revenue streams.

Nearly every traditional business model faces near-term, lasting disruption,” said Josh Kahn, Senior Vice President, Global Solutions, EMC Corporation. “The fast track to competitive advantage will be reserved for those able to quickly embrace and yield value from the rapidly converging mega forces of Big Data, cloud computing, social and mobile. The new Federation Business Data Lake solution plays a central role here, paving the way to more informed and timely insight and smarter business decisions in real-time.”

Data Lakes are gaining mainstream popularity as the go-to, highly scalable repository for storing structured and unstructured data from a wide variety of sources, generated by traditional and next-generation complex workloads, and consumed through a range of mechanisms without needing to be managed by separate, multiple silos of storage. Truly capitalizing on Big Data and building out a robust Data Lake can be difficult and complex, requiring changes in people, process, data and technology.

The Federation Business Data Lake Solution

Executing a Big Data initiative requires sophisticated engineering, integration and orchestration across the organization. Comprised of technologies and services from EMC Information Infrastructure, Pivotal and VMware, the FBDL removes integration barriers, enabling organizations to quickly begin ingesting, storing, analyzing, surfacing and acting on Big Data. The FBDL is a fully engineered solution that allows for seamless integration and interoperability with top analytics platforms such as SAS, Tableau and others, and also supports customer choice of Hadoop distribution including unlimited Pivotal HD as part of the Pivotal Big Data Suite, Cloudera and Hortonworks.

Key Functions:

The FBDL is comprised of five key functions that are fully integrated to provide a simple, seamless deployment.

  • Store: Stores both raw and modified data, consolidating everything into one data lake for cross-data analysis
  • Analyze: Provides analytics at all levels and uses advanced algorithms to discover new predictive patterns
  • Surface: Presents data to users and applications to digest and prepare to take action on
  • Act: Uses data to self-heal and optimize analytics, enabling users and developers to build data-driven applications to meet business needs


A full suite of services and education is available with the FBDL to enable customers at varying stages of Big Data proficiency to implement the FBDL solution, prove out the value of the solution and quickly identify strategic Big Data use cases, including:

  • EMC Technology Onboarding Service: For customers who are ready to deploy the FBDL, the EMC Technology Onboarding Service offers full consulting services to install and deploy the solution, optimize the analytics environment and configure and customize data requirements.
  • EMC Proof of Value Service: For customers who know the use case they want to address but are looking for help implementing the latest big data analytic and rapid application development tools and techniques, the Proof of Value Service demonstrates the ROI of a targeted use case using real customer data.
  • EMC Big Data Vision Workshop: For customers who are undecided about how to start infusing Big Data into its business strategy, the EMC Big Data Vision Workshop analyzes an organization’s strategy, business goals and then prioritizes a target use case for the start of its big data journey.
  • Education Services: In addition to the service offerings above, EMC offers training and certification to develop fundamental as well as advanced Big Data and Data Science understanding and skills required by business leaders and Big Data practitioners.


The Federation Business Data Lake will be available in April 2015 in select countries.

[1] Based on a 1PB Business Data Lake. Includes deployment of converged infrastructure, Hadoop, structured data and real-time analytics tools so data can be analyzed.


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