Alation Exits Stealth with Enterprise Data Accessibility Platform

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alation_logoAlation, the data accessibility company, came out of stealth with a new software platform designed to empower people inside enterprises to easily find, understand, use and govern their data for faster and better business decisions. Alation’s data accessibility platform is generally available now and used in production at leading data-driven organizations like eBay, MarketShare and Inflection for collaborative analytics, data search and discovery, data optimization and effective data governance.

Alation simplifies data access and accelerates time-to-insight for everyone inside of an organization. Combining the power of machine learning with human insight, Alation centralizes an organization’s knowledge of data, automatically capturing information on what the data describes, where the data comes from, who’s using it and how it’s used. This enables amazing search and fast collaboration between analysts, stewards, data consumers and IT by enabling them to share knowledge, exchange ideas and quickly find the answers they need.

Alation Makes the Right Data Accessible – Easy to Find, Easy to Understand, Easy to Use

Data-driven companies today suffer from data complexity and data sprawl in both analytical and OLTP systems. Previous approaches to consolidating such vast amounts of data have fallen short. Despite massive investments in data management platforms such as Hadoop, business intelligence and analytics tools, enterprises and government still need to hire teams of consultants, data scientists and business analysts to get timely insights about the business.

Our customers have just given up on trying to build that one system that contains all of the answers,” said Satyen Sangani, co-founder and CEO of Alation. “The data is changing too fast, there are just too few analysts, and the business’ appetite for information is insatiable. Alation is a system that tells the fastest way to get the right answer, whether it’s finding the right database, learning about best practice methods, appropriately modifying a query or asking an expert. Our founding team has the right combination of deep enterprise, design, engineering and search expertise to address the problem of making data accessible. It’s a difficult technological challenge, but even more amazing human challenge. We’re thrilled that our customers are now able to talk about what we’ve achieved together.”

Unlike point solutions that are constrained to specific use cases or top-down solutions that require extraordinary human effort, Alation was designed from the ground up for simplification and automation. Using a combination of machine learning and human insight, Alation enables enterprises to gain a deeper understanding of their data.

Alation is delivering proven customer success in four core solution areas:

  • Collaborative Analytics – Alation improves analyst productivity, delivers faster time-to-insight and lowers the cost of hiring and retaining analysts.
  • Data Search and Discovery – Alation’s unified search means analysts, data scientists, stewards and data consumers can find the information they need faster.
  • Data Optimization – Alation helps organizations realize infrastructure cost savings and a more efficient data infrastructure.
  • Effective Data Governance – Alation empowers data governance initiatives resulting in lower costs of compliance, lower operational risk, increased productivity for stewards and cost savings by automating the key areas of the governance process.

Customers report incredible results across these use cases – including reduction in analyst on-boarding from years to months, ad hoc queries written in less than half the time and significant cost savings based on the identification of redundant data warehouse objects and reduced cost of governing data. Alation is used by some of the world’s largest data-driven organizations, with tens of thousands of employees, which manage petabytes of data and thousands of databases. Customers include eBay, MarketShare, Inflection and Invoice2Go, among others.


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