TIBCO Live Datamart 2.0 Released – A Datamart for Fast Data

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TIBCO_logo TIBCO Software Inc., a global leader in infrastructure and business intelligence software, today announced the release of TIBCO® Live Datamart 2.0, the second generation of the Live Datamart concept pioneered by TIBCO. TIBCO Live Datamart 2.0 breaks new ground with the latest implementation of its industry-first Continuous Query Processor for streaming data, new Javascript APIs, Internet of Things support, and native support for in-memory data grid technology with TIBCO ActiveSpaces®. The TIBCO StreamBase LiveView® Desktop also contains major enhancements including enterprise failover capability.

TIBCO Live Datamart is the first data mart platform specifically designed for streaming Fast Data and real-time, continuous analytics. Instead of utilizing traditional ETL or ELT interfaces to data, TIBCO Live Datamart connects directly to streaming data, creates an in-memory image of those streams, and provides an ad-hoc query mechanism that returns continuous, real-time results and alerts to end users.

According to Gartner, “Digital business evolves when people, businesses and things communicate, transact business and negotiate with one another. CIOs must adapt to that new way of doing business or risk losing their competitive edge.”[1]

The TIBCO Live Datamart marks the end of the era of the end-of-day report, because it’s the only end-user Datamart expressly designed from the ground up for Fast Data ” said Mark Palmer, senior vice president and general manager, Event Processing, TIBCO. “With the rise in use of sensors, IoT-enabled devices in both commercial and consumer markets, the Digital Business today demands up-to-the-second control of their business operations. Money is made and lost in the moment, so they require a Live Datamart to see and act on conditions as they change, in real-time.”

TIBCO Live Datamart 2.0 contains a host of new features and improvements, including:

  • Embedded R Predictive Analytics. Predictive analytics authored through TIBCO Spotfire® in TIBCO® Enterprise Runtime for R can now be “dropped in” the Live Datamart server.
  • Continuous Query Processor Improvements. A range of new and improved query types including new dynamic aggregation, expanded alerting functionality, enhanced data compression and improvements on dynamic real-time stream query performance.
  • Internet of Things Support. The Live Datamart provides continuous intelligence and business operations analytics on streaming IoT data. Release 2.0 features connectivity to Internet of Things data sources, and protocols including OSI Pi and MQTT (MQ Telemetry Transport).
  • New API Libraries for Mobile and Web Access. Mobile and web access to live data are becoming increasingly important to digital business. LiveView 2.0 provides new APIs that allow these devices to provide end-user access to live operational intelligence with standard HTML5 technologies.
  • Native In-Memory Data Grid Support with TIBCO ActiveSpaces. TIBCO Live Datamart tables can now be streamed directly from TIBCO ActiveSpaces into the Datamart server.
  • LiveView Desktop Enhancements. The LiveView desktop provides end-user query functionality, live graphing, ad-hoc application development, and end-user alerting control. Version 2.0 of the LiveView Desktop includes enterprise failover functionality as well as visualization and usability improvements.

With the industry-first data mart for Fast Data having initially been launched in 2012, TIBCO Live Datamart 2.0 brings a host of new features and is the latest version of this groundbreaking product and is now generally available worldwide.

[1] Gartner: “Seize the Moment: Driving Digital Business Into 2015,” October 2, 2014 by Jorge Lopez


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