Basho Poised for Continued Rapid Growth in 2015

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basho_logo2Basho Technologies, the creator and developer of Riak®, the industry-leading distributed NoSQL database, is poised for continued growth in 2015 with increasing customer traction, an expanding partner ecosystem and a number of new technology enhancements that help enterprises and cloud service providers capitalize on the rapid growth of unstructured data. Basho drove bookings growth of more than 65 percent from Q1 2014 to Q1 2015.

Cloud service providers and enterprises alike are already using NoSQL databases to store and process unstructured and semi-structured data to drive new business insights,” said Matt Aslett, research director, data platforms and analytics, 451 Research. “As use-cases expand beyond individual, tactical, applications, organizations of all types are looking to distributed systems such as Basho’s Riak 2.1 to not just store and process previously ignored data but also to enable business transformation as part of a shift towards digital infrastructure.”

Ecosystem momentum – Cloudsoft, Erlang, Tapjoy

Basho continues to expand its partner ecosystem, with a number of innovative new offerings built on and supporting Riak launched in Q1.

Open source application management leader Cloudsoft recently released tested, optimized Riak blueprints to help dev teams deploy applications faster and easier across a variety of clouds including Amazon Web Services (AWS) and IBM SoftLayer.

Cloudsoft is delighted to partner with Basho to open up new use cases for its distributed Riak NoSQL database using AMP, our application management platform,” said Duncan Johnston-Watt, founder and CEO at Cloudsoft. “Together, we enable users with distributed workloads to deploy applications across multiple cloud providers with a single click. This provides repeatable and reliable operations with high availability and scale.”

Erlang Solutions, the leading provider of software and services based on the Erlang language, has developed WombatOAM, an operations and maintenance framework for Erlang-based systems, such as Riak. It gives operations, administration and management (OAM) systems a single point of integration into the existing OAM infrastructure, providing full visibility into the state of your Riak clusters.

WombatOAM is an operations and maintenance framework that helps prevent problems before they occur, and provides the data you need to solve them if they do,” said Francesco Cesarini, founder and technical director for Erlang Solutions, Ltd. “WombatOAM monitors Riak and other Erlang nodes, and automatically gathers metrics, notifications and alarms, which can then be viewed, retrieved, or forwarded to third-party monitoring tools. Along with the metrics exposed by Riak, it collects further metrics both on the Erlang virtual machine level and on the Riak application level, giving you the information you need to keep your systems and operations running smoothly.”

Tapjoy, a leading mobile ad-tech and monetization platform, built a queuing system on top of Riak software which offers functionality similar to AWS Simple Notification Service (SNS) and Simple Queue Service (SQS), which it intends to open source. The company will partner with Basho on additional future projects that leverage the highly-available distributed systems foundation in Riak.

Riak provides us with a great platform upon which to build future tools and systems at Tapjoy,” said Weston Jossey, director of engineering at Tapjoy. “Through our partnership with Basho, we will develop additional projects that take advantage of Riak’s strength as a distributed database, and that will benefit the open source community.”

Product enhancements

Basho also announced a number of new technology enhancements to Riak, now version 2.1. These include:

  • New/updated Riak clients – Adding Node.js (available April 30) and .NET as Basho-supported libraries makes it easy to enhance Windows applications. Enhanced support for PHP allows developers to easily store and retrieve objects with Riak as they build real-time web applications, making it easier to add Riak to any application.
  • Faster OSX installer – With many application developers using OSX as their primary development machine, ease of deployment and simplicity of scalability has never been more critical. While Basho previously offered a simple dev-cluster project for quick deployment of a five-node Riak cluster, the new OS X installer lets developers deploy a single node of Riak locally with a series of simple clicks.
  • Updated installation tooling – Chef and Puppet scripts have been refactored and updated for the current release.
  • Enhanced monitoring – Newly integrated with Nagios, New Relic and Zabbix, users can now monitor stats on Riak Data Types (CRDTs) or measure throughput for Riak Search. More than 200 monitoring statics enable fine-grain monitoring of Riak deployments.

New features of Riak CS (Cloud Storage) 2.0, Basho’s market-leading object storage solution designed for seamless integration with Riak 2.0, include:

  • Enhanced conflict resolution – Riak CS 2.0 simplifies development, making it easier to reduce the likelihood of data conflicts and sibling growth in an eventually consistent system.
  • Simplified configuration management – Streamlines operations by consolidating configuration information and storing it in an easy-to-parse, transparent format that is easily integrated with existing orchestration tools.
  • Tiered storage – Enables LevelDB users to split data files across two mount points based on access patterns to optimize for low latency of the most frequently accessed data
  • Enhanced security options – Riak CS now uses Erlang r16+ to support customers requiring sha256 signed SSL certificates.
  • Improved multi-datacenter replication – Significantly improves synchronization performance for data replicated across datacenters.

Basho understands both the challenges and the opportunities presented by the growth of unstructured data, and we are intently focused on creating solutions that enable enterprises and service providers to capitalize on it,” said Adam Wray, CEO and president of Basho. “The rapid growth of our customer base, the expansion of our partner ecosystem and our technological innovations are a testament to our strong trajectory, and we will build on that significantly in 2015.”

Product availability

Riak 2.1 and Riak Enterprise 2.1 will be available April 15. Riak CS 2.0 is available now. To view the latest technical documentation visit

Basho delivers customized packages for its commercial software, Riak Enterprise with customer support as well as options for project-based Professional Services engagements. To request a trial license of Riak Enterprise 2.1, request a Riak Tech Talk here:


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