MemSQL Launches Community Edition

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memsql_new_06012015MemSQL, a leader in real-time databases for transactions and analytics, announced the most significant release of MemSQL to date. MemSQL 4 – which includes a new Community Edition – empowers interconnected enterprises to aggregate and report on real-time data, accelerating the growth trajectories of their digital businesses.

This release brings to market groundbreaking capabilities such as the industry’s first real-time, distributed geospatial intelligence and the MemSQL Spark Connector to operationalize Apache Spark. It further extends the company’s mission of providing enterprises with a real-time database solution that reacts with the speed of thought, improving business performance in areas such as the Internet of Things, financial services and mobile applications.

As part of MemSQL 4, the new Community Edition makes the world’s most sophisticated in-memory database used by leading enterprises freely available to global users. Unlike other vendors with limited offerings, MemSQL Community Edition provides unlimited capacity and scale and full transactional and analytical features. Now anyone, from enterprises to developers, can access MemSQL to achieve the speed and scalability needed to process and analyze real-time data.

In our interactive and connected business environment, companies must capture and analyze both real-time and historical data faster and more efficiently than ever,” said Eric Frenkiel, co-founder and CEO of MemSQL. “Today, we have made our software more powerful for enterprises to gain insights from big data, and we have extended it freely to companies seeking in-memory database analytics.”

MemSQL Advances Features and Ecosystem Integration

MemSQL 4 features key updates in core engine innovation, management and monitoring functionality and ecosystem integrations. With this release, MemSQL meets customer and market needs for greater sophistication and ease-of-use accessing in-memory database analytics.

MemSQL 4 highlights:

  • Geospatial capabilities: As demonstrated in its work with Esri, MemSQL offers the industry’s first real-time geospatial capabilities that enable enterprises to visualize valuable geolocation data intelligence.
  • Broader support for advanced analytics with an enhanced optimizer and expanded SQL functionality.
  • Updated disk-based column store coupled with an in-memory row store provides complete enterprise flexibility.
  • Easy ecosystem integrations: MemSQL connects to Apache Spark, the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) and Amazon S3, so companies can derive real-time insights from their data.
  • Broader application and solution sets for digital advertising, financial services, retail, public sector, high technology, media, communications and data-driven industries.
  • MemSQL applications such as real-time analytics, risk management, personalization, position tracking and monitoring that help companies make fast, intelligent decisions based on their data.


MemSQL licenses software based on memory capacity. Customer installations range from thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. With MemSQL 4, disk-based storage in the column store is free.

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  1. Is there an API available, nothing suggested on the website?

    Could be an interesting option for integration services, extension for MemSQL seems to fit.