Platfora Supercharges Big Data Discovery With Mid-year Platform Updates

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Platfora_LogoPlatfora, the Big Data Discovery platform built natively on Apache Hadoop and Spark, announced Platfora 4.5, which offers more than a dozen new features that make it even easier for business users and data scientists to work together to derive insights from big data analytics faster than ever before.

This release features the introduction of Platfora’s Aurora Visualization Engine™, the company’s third-generation visualization technology that allows vibrant web-based interaction with the massive and interlinked datasets needed for cutting-edge use cases: multi-channel customer analytics, Internet of Things (IoT) pattern analysis and Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) cybersecurity analytics. Platfora 4.5 also increases performance of Platfora’s big data acceleration layer (aka Lenses) by 10x or more, enhances Platfora’s unique dynamic segmentation capabilities for richer customer and behavioral analysis and streamlines sharing and security for improved sharing within large organizations.

Through our work with hundreds of organizations ranging from the Fortune 50 to startups, it’s very clear that big data discovery is critical to realizing the promise of big data, Hadoop and Spark,” said Ben Werther, founder and CEO of Platfora. “Disillusionment with big data usually goes hand-in-hand with attempts to force fit old IT practices and common desktop BI products, but when business analysts are given purpose-built tools designed for, and native to, the world of big data, magic happens and remarkable insights quickly follow.”

Platfora 4.5

Platfora Big Data Discovery is the only platform on the market today built from the ground up to increase every business user’s ability to directly harness the explosion of modern data without being beholden to IT. It is the platform of choice for organizations tackling once unsolvable enterprise data challenges in the areas of cyber security, customer marketing, IoT and beyond. Highlights of Platfora’s mid-year platform release include:

  • Aurora Visualization Engine. This new fully HTML5-compliant engine provides intricate and vibrant visualizations while maintaining the capability to work with petabytes of raw or structured data. Users will see rendering performance up to 10x faster than before, sub-second interactivity even with millions of marks visible on the screen and the enhanced ability to freely explore big data to find patterns and insights at drag-and-drop speed. They can also interact with data on the fly, smoothly panning, zooming and selecting in real-time while optimizing cross-visualization capabilities to help identify relevant information in light of the starting context.

  • Faster Big Data Acceleration (aka Lenses). Significant improvements in Platfora’s scale-out query engine means dramatically faster results. Platfora leverages both internode and intranode parallelism to deliver interactive answers to the visualization layer. A new framework for intranode parallelism provides more than 10x performance improvement for queries—especially those that involve fine grain analysis of billions of rows.

  • Richer Dynamic Segmentation. Platfora 4.5 builds on the existing segmentation functionality that users love and enhances it for easier analysis of customer populations and behavior. New abilities include a combined fields feature that allows faster and easier A/B or segment comparisons and a segment overlap tool to determine similarities between different populations.

  • Enhanced Sharing and Security. The new Namespace feature in Platfora 4.5 allows users to quickly and easily share the software installation between business groups. This gives groups access to their own private areas within Platfora so that business analysts, data scientists and other professionals can work on the same dataset at the same time. In addition, new centralized management options ensure that users can only see and interact with data they’ve been granted access to, ensuring compliance, privacy and enhanced security.


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