RedPoint Data Management and Campaign Management Products Now in the Cloud

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RedPoint_logoData-driven marketers can now use the cloud to deploy two highly-rated digital marketing products. RedPoint Global Inc., a leading provider of data management and customer engagement software, made RedPoint Data Management™ and RedPoint Interaction™ available in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. This is the first time that RedPoint has offered its software in the cloud. RedPoint customers can now deploy the top two RedPoint Global products through their Azure hosting accounts.

RedPoint products are regularly cited by top analysts firms for their strengths in operational and transactional data quality and data migration, and their cross-channel campaign management capabilities.

Today’s marketers need access to the best products for the job whether those products are on-premises or in the cloud. The Azure Marketplace offers RedPoint’s customers clear price/performance advantages as well as easy access to our enterprise-level products on a world-class cloud platform,” said RedPoint Global CEO Dale Renner. “Making our top-rated products available in the Microsoft enterprise-ready cloud platform, Azure, provides customers with a complete range of deployment options for our products.”

Modern data-driven marketers depend on their ability to use all available customer data to make faster decisions and deliver better engagement across all their messaging channels. The ability to marry traditional data with unstructured data in data lakes enables marketers to learn more about their customers than ever before. Being able to capture, integrate, and extract insights from hybrid data sources is a challenge for marketers who don’t have the skills or tools to manage that data. RedPoint Data Management and RedPoint Interaction provide both the data management as well as the marketing campaign management capabilities marketers need in comprehensive, easy-to-use applications.

Cloud deployment offers RedPoint another way to deliver its robust technology besides SaaS and on-premises deployment. Azure offers users easy access to more flexible compute power than ever before.

RedPoint Data Management is designed to integrate, cleanse and transform traditional or Big Data from any source necessary to gain accurate insights. With its drag-and-drop interface, RedPoint Data Management users can:

  • Load any data source into Hadoop;
  • Cleanse data for consistent formats and standardization;
  • Integrate and transform data using probabilistic & heuristic matching rules; and
  • Take the work to the data: i.e., execute complex workloads right in the Hadoop cluster.

To learn more about RedPoint Data Management in the Azure Marketplace go HERE.

RedPoint Interaction enables marketers to execute campaigns across the complete life cycle of cross-channel engagement from a single visual interface.

From a centralized point of operational control, RedPoint Interaction (RPI) eliminates the fragmentation and silos that undermine consistent customer engagement and enables marketers to design and execute customer interactions across any channel. Users can build omnichannel campaigns and set up real-time inbound strategies – all from the same, intuitive drag-and-drop interface.

To learn more about RedPoint Interaction in the Azure Marketplace go HERE.

Product Availability

RedPoint Data Management and RedPoint Interaction are available in the Azure Marketplace immediately. Existing and new Azure customers can quickly and easily access the RedPoint products directly from Azure.


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