Data Intensity Makes Data Analytics Easy to Buy, Use and Manage

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data-intensity_logoData Intensity today announced the availability of Analytics1™, an end-to-end, cloud-based analytics and business intelligence (BI) solution. Designed to help enterprises overcome the obstacles commonly hindering data initiatives, Analytics1 takes the complexity out of implementing and supporting a multi-tool, multi-skillset solution so mid- to large-sized enterprises can finally extract the actionable insights they desperately seek. This new, customized analytics/BI solution also liberates organizations from the burden of building and maintaining their data infrastructures – enabling them to focus on serving customers, optimizing operations and growing their businesses.

Traditional data and analytics models are expensive, hard to buy, hard to use and difficult to manage because they demand many individual components, disparate solutions and complex architectures. Newer approaches are often oversimplified and not tailored to meet an organization’s unique data infrastructure and business requirements. Compounding the problem, data scientists are expensive, in short supply and are often under-utilized. This host of issues is continuing to inhibit enterprises from implementing effective analytics and BI strategies. Data Intensity’s Analytics1 is the solution.

Analytics1 eliminates the barriers to constructive data analysis, creating a single cloud-based environment, leveraging state-of-the-art tools, that delivers the performance, security and availability companies expect from an enterprise-class solution,” said Marc Caruso, chief technology officer, Data Intensity.

Comprised of the following elements which can be customized to meet the individual needs of each organization, Analytics1 helps enterprises make data manageable and meaningful:

  • Analytics Services (Quant On Demand) – Addresses the skills shortage head on, supplying enterprises with expert data analysis for a defined period of time or on an ongoing basis, depending up on an enterprise’s needs.
  • Visualization Services – Equips organizations with a visualization service desk, featuring cutting-edge Tableau, Oracle and Microsoft technologies.
  • Data Architecture Services (ETL/MDM) – Delivers services to architect an organization’s access to data, such as data modeling, data warehouse development and data migration to ETL and master data management. Data Intensity utilizes technologies such as: Informatica, Microsoft SSIS, Oracle Data Integrator, RapidMiner and Oracle Data Modeler tools, among others.
  • Application and Database Management – Provides application and database management in the cloud or on premise, supporting Oracle EBS, Hyperion, OBIEE and PeopleSoft to Oracle, Microsoft, MySQL, Postgres and MariaDB databases as well as middleware and the storage and server infrastructure.

Data Intensity is providing a solution that helps companies get a complete, accurate view of their data,” said Mark Rhoden, partner manager at Tableau. “Our rapid-fire visual analytics provide organizations insights into their data and businesses, but their underlying data architecture must be built and managed properly. We look forward to working with Data Intensity to expand our relationship and provide key capabilities for the Analytics1 offering.”

Analytics1 is ideal for any mid- to large-sized organization looking to either boost the effectiveness of its current analytics and BI initiatives, or jump-start new data projects. And it doesn’t stop there. Data Intensity provides ongoing expertise to help customers maximize the value of their data as well as their analytics and BI investment.

Data projects are failing and it all comes down to complexity, capacity and capability,” according to John Bostick, president of Data Intensity’s Analytics Division. “Analytics1 is a first-of-its kind offering because it takes on all three of these issues by providing a complete, cloud-based analytics solution at a competitive monthly cost.”

Analytics1 Pricing

Enterprises no longer need to play the costly game of engaging with multiple vendors for multiple technologies and services, or take on additional overhead to staff analytics initiatives. Data Intensity’s Analytics1 offering is customized and scoped to meet the specific needs of each enterprise; pricing begins at $10K per month. For more information, please visit:


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