OnCorps Launches Adaptive Decision Analytics Platform

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OnCorps_logoOnCorps today unveiled its Adaptive Decision Analytics platform that intelligently engages users and nudges them to make better decisions. The company also announced the close of $2.3M in private investment from Andreessen Horowitz and business leaders including former top executives from Accenture, Bridgewater, McKinsey, Goldman Sachs and Fidelity Investments.

OnCorps combines behavioral science, machine learning and Sabermetrics to identify, create and apply the data an organization needs to dramatically increase desired results. OnCorps mobile and online applications are rapidly tailored to each client’s unique requirements, providing real-time individual diagnostic visualizations, benchmarking, data correlation and personalized smart nudging capabilities.

Though data and analytics tools are powerful, the challenge is making data relevant and actionable,” said Bob Suh, founder and CEO of OnCorps. “Organizations spend too much time and capital collecting and charting data. Not enough time is spent turning data into better decisions. We created OnCorps to usher in the next generation of analytics, applying technology that enables users to track and measure their decisions and nudges them to make choices that improve their odds of success.”

Organizations have traditionally supported decision making by analyzing existing data, supplemented with traditional surveys, and communicating findings in a top-down fashion to distributed decision-makers. This method yields static data that fails to provide personalized insight into how decision-making can be improved at the individual level. Business decision-makers need relevant and real-time adaptive insight into the decision factors that matter most to achieving results.

OnCorps applications enable individual users to compare their decisions and performance to the real-time benchmark data of various peer performance groups, gaining insight on key differences. Users then track their decisions over time to see how different decisions impact their performance and build a personalized “decision diary” to capture and improve their decision rules. Finally, applications deliver smart “nudge” messages, personalized and adapted over time for each user, that prompt the changes in behaviors that correlate to the best outcomes. In this way, OnCorps applications accomplish large-scale behavior change through individualized decision tuning and nudging.

OnCorps applications result in two to three times higher user engagement rates and higher quality data. The platform allows configuration of custom applications and reporting very rapidly and iteratively.

OnCorps also announced the addition of Jack Klinck, former Management Committee member and Executive Vice President at State Street; Nicholas Christakis, Sol Goldman Family Professor of Social and Natural Science at Yale University and Dan Petrozzo, former partner and CIO of Goldman Sachs, to its Board of Advisors. Klinck, Christakis, and Petrozzo join the OnCorps Board alongside top business, technology and finance executives and researchers from Accenture, Capital Group, Credit Suisse, DuPont, EMC, Fidelity Investments, Google, Bain Capital, Harvard Business School, McGraw Hill Education, Merck, NYSE and ON Search Partners.

OnCorps has a profound opportunity to change the way business decisions are made, helping organizations achieve break-through performance and stay ahead of the rapid changes that occur in dynamic markets,” said Karl-Heinz Flöther, Supervisory Board member for Deutsche Boerse and Commerzbank, and former international chairman of Accenture. “OnCorps has the right leadership and technology in place to successfully address this enormous market opportunity.”


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