Accanto Systems Chooses Actian to Power Its Intelligent Customer Experience Management Platform

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BigData_use_case_imageBIG DATA USE CASE

Actian Corporation, a high-performing enterprise-grade SQL (Structured Query Language) analytics platform company, announced that Accanto Systems has selected the Actian Analytics Platform to power its well-known Intelligent Customer Experience Management (iCEM) offering. Organizations today want a 360° view of every customer and expect to be provided with real-time updates, offers and issue resolution, and they use analytics as a way to predict customer sentiment. Accanto and Actian now bring the power of analytics to communications service provider (CSP) business processes by delivering insights to improve customer experience on a per-subscriber, per service basis.

In today’s mobile, cyber-social environment, consumers expect to receive instant, personalized services, and CSPs are eager to tailor and promote their service plans around consumer habits like live content streaming, video sharing, online gaming and more. Ovum Research reports that CSPs are increasingly turning to CEM platforms to meet these expectations and gain access to the sophisticated communications technology and real-time access to use big data analytics for their customers.

Today’s CSPs must monitor hundreds of different KPIs in real time, bring all this data together, and translate it into actionable insights to make effective business decisions,” said Markus Weiland, head of product management at Accanto. “Actian Vector provides us with robust data management and analytics to recall and analyze big data rapidly today. As part of our vision for our next-generation iCEM platform, we plan to adopt the Actian Vortex technology and offer petabyte-scale solutions with advanced business intelligence and SQL analytics on structured and unstructured data stored in Hadoop.”

Accanto’s iCEM platform combines Customer Experience Management, Business Analytics, Customer Driven Operations, and Network Analytics in a single enterprise-wide platform. It can analyze continuous data streams from multiple data sources and has modes for real-time analytics and historical trends analysis. Both modes have the power to ingest big data and analyze it quickly, making it possible for Accanto to target existing customers with relevant and timely upsell and cross-sell opportunities.

The Actian Analytics Database – Vector has helped Accanto streamline its dataflow for end users and improve the performance of its analytics. Actian Vector removes performance bottlenecks found in relational databases to provide deeper insights, without the need for new hardware.

Telecommunications companies need to fully tap into their customer data to achieve a 360 degree view of subscriber preferences and behavior to ensure each customer has a deeply personal experience while receiving appropriate new service offerings,” said Ashish Gupta, CMO and SVP of Business Development, at Actian. “With Actian Vortex, Accanto proactively addresses pressure points to maximize subscription retention and share of wallet by analyzing huge volumes of data at scales and price points unattainable by traditional vendor solutions.”

In a changing landscape of analytics, where data volumes, variety and velocity have surpassed the abilities of traditional solutions, customers are often challenged to meet the needs of new business workloads with their existing solutions. The Actian Analytics Platform provides a future-proof roadmap to scale business intelligence and analytics workloads without the commercial or architectural challenges of traditional solutions. By unleashing the power of SQL to over 3.5 million skilled SQL users worldwide, Actian is providing the most robust elastic data preparation, SQL analytics and predictive analytics capabilities. Today, the Actian Analytics Platform is used by Accanto and thousands of other customers to get timely and accurate insights from their data.


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