New BlueData Solution Accelerates Deployment of Dev/Test Labs for Big Data

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bluedata_logo_NEWBlueData, provider of a leading infrastructure software platform for Big Data, today announced its Big Data Lab Accelerator solution, which includes the software and professional services required to deploy a ready-to-run Hadoop and Spark lab environment in just two weeks. This new offering is ideal for any organization looking to get started with a dev/test lab for Big Data analytics to evaluate and experiment with various Big Data distributions, tools and applications.

Big Data technologies such as Hadoop and Spark are complex and require multiple components, systems and infrastructure resources. It can be time consuming, costly, and challenging to get these new environments deployed and operational — even in a lab for initial evaluation or development, testing and quality assurance. Getting these technologies up and running in a lab may take several months, and onboarding new Hadoop or Spark clusters for new users requires new infrastructure with little to no reusability.

BlueData’s mission is to make Big Data infrastructure easy. BlueData has developed patent-pending software innovations that are fundamentally changing the on-premises deployment model for Big Data, which leverages containers and virtualized infrastructure. The BlueData EPIC software platform is purpose-built to simplify and accelerate the infrastructure deployment for Hadoop, Spark and related tools for Big Data analytics.

The new Big Data Lab Accelerator solution provides a full enterprise license of BlueData EPIC software along with the professional services needed to deploy an on-premises multi-tenant Big Data lab. Within two weeks, customers will have a lab environment to evaluate Big Data tools and spin up multiple Hadoop or Spark clusters for development, testing and quality assurance. As part of this deployment, BlueData will also work with customers to implement initial use cases for Big Data analytics.
This new turnkey solution provides the following:

  • A two-week accelerated deployment for Big Data analytics, with BlueData EPIC software running in a lab on five physical servers or five virtual machines.
  • A ready-to-run lab environment with up to 30 virtual nodes of your preferred Hadoop distribution(s) and/or Spark, resulting in up to 70 percent infrastructure savings.
  • The ability to spin up new clusters in a matter of minutes, with just a few mouse clicks, thus increasing business agility .
  • Faster time-to-resultswith the ability to quickly and easily evaluate and test Big Data distributions, analytical tools, and use cases.

We’re seeing a lot of enterprises that want to get started with Big Data analytics, and the typical starting point is a lab environment for dev/test and evaluation of initial use cases,” said Kumar Sreekanti, CEO of BlueData. “With BlueData’s EPIC software, we provide a platform to simplify and streamline the deployment of Big Data analytics and infrastructure. Now we’re going one step further, with a solution to jump start these lab environments and help enterprises begin their Big Data journey.”

The Big Data Lab Accelerator includes a one-year subscription for BlueData EPIC software (five-server license, enterprise edition) along with professional services (fixed fee) for deployment of the lab environment. The solution is available immediately, with an introductory price of $20,000 (limited time offer).


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