Lexalytics® Simplifies Customer Experience Management in Hospitality and Restaurant Industries with New Vertical Industry Packs

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Lexalytics_logoLexalytics®, a leader in cloud and on-prem text analytics solutions, announced that it is simplifying customer experience management in the hospitality industry with its new Industry Packs. With the Hospitality and Restaurant Industry Packs, Lexalytics customers leading social media marketing, customer experience management, and voice of the customer campaigns in the hospitality and restaurant industries – e.g. hotels, travel booking websites, loyalty programs, restaurants, and other food service providers can instantly configure Lexalytics’s text and sentiment analytics software to quickly gain actionable insights into what consumers are saying about the brands they represent.

These vertical-specific optimizations make Lexalytics’ platforms more ‘magic’ for customers – with most of the tuning work already done,” said Jeff Catlin, CEO, Lexalytics. “We maintain the transparency, speed and quality that we’re known for, while making it that much easier for CEM professionals to use our software right away.”

In addition, Lexalytics is the only analytics provider offering complex intention analysis based on consumer feedback, identifying whether someone intends to buy, sell, quit or recommend a brand’s product or service. Unlike other providers, Lexalytics tells you not just that there is an intention, but who is the intender, what is the intention, and what is the object of the intention.

An intention statement can have a very different meaning depending under which context a person uses it. For example, a “return” in the consumer package goods industry can have a negative meaning, whereas in the hospitality industry, “return” can have a positive meaning, as in, “I want to return this product” vs. “I want to return to that hotel.”

In addition to optimizing intentions, Lexalytics’ new Hospitality Industry Pack includes over 120 different categories that have been pre-configured to determine what a piece of customer feedback is about, reducing the time it takes to achieve optimal analysis. The Restaurant Industry Pack offers over 80 different categories.

The Lexalytics Industry Packs also deliver a significant increase in sentiment analysis agreement with humans, quickly approaching the same ability an individual has to accurately assess the true meaning behind a piece of written text.

When it comes to listening to customers, we know that one size does not fit all”, according to Nada Gillard, product director at eDigitalResearch, the leading SaaS providers of Voice of the Customer programmes. “Working with a huge range of clients across sectors, we know it’s important to customize tools to achieve meaningful results and actionable insight. Lexalytics’s new vertical pack strategy is an excellent way to start tailoring solutions – and when combined with our insight skills and expertise, provides a comprehensive tool to analyse text and really discover what customers are saying”

The Lexalytics Hospitality and Restaurant Industry Packs are available today for Salience® as user directories configurable directly using a text editor or any system built for customers to configure and tune their own extractions and will be available on October 28, 2015, for Semantria® (and customizable with SWEB at http://online.semantria.com).



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