Bigstep Launches Data Lake As A Service

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Bigstep_logoBig data as a service provider, Bigstep, announced the launch a data lake as a service offering. The Full Metal Data Lake is part of Bigstep’s Full Metal Cloud, the world’s highest performance cloud specifically built for big data applications.

Businesses today have access to infinite amounts of data but no fast, easy, or cost effective way to make sense of it,” said Flaviu Radulescu, CEO of Bigstep. “The Full Metal Data Lake is engineered to deliver the highest possible performance so companies can quickly get powerful and actionable insights from their data, in just a few clicks.”

The Full Metal Data Lake can be used as a standalone solution for active data storage, or it can be integrated with on-premise infrastructure, as well as with any application or service in the Full Metal Cloud platform. The service can be activated instantly, and requires no configuration or minimum commitment.

Key benefits of Bigstep’s Full Metal Data Lake include:

  • Enhanced data security in transit and at rest: All files are encrypted in order to ensure enterprise-grade data privacy standards are met. Data can be imported or exported via encrypted tunnels or SSL connections.
  • Ability to store any type of data: This includes structured data, such as from existing enterprise data warehouses, and unstructured data, including clickstreams, social media, images, video, audio, machine data, sensor data, scanned documents, CRM and ERP data. The data can be continuously streamed or imported in batches and it can be stored and processed in almost any application.
  • Easy integration with processing and analytics tools: It is HDFS compatible and integrates with big data, business intelligence, and data science tools such as Apache Hadoop, Apache Spark, most NoSQL databases (Couchbase, Cassandra, Redis), Elasticsearch, Solr, Qlik, Tableau, R, and others. It is also compatible and can import or export data into most enterprise data warehouse solutions.

In order to handle the demands of big data workloads, Bigstep architected the Full Metal Cloud to be different than virtualized public clouds by ensuring high throughput and low latency. This results in better performance so businesses can spend less resources and get more valuable intelligence.

Bigstep customers range from Fortune 5000 companies that are getting started with big data, to platform and SaaS companies that are building big data services. Current customers include, Couchbase, AlignAlytics, and Ortec, as well as enterprise customers in utilities and financial services sectors in the UK.

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