Pitney Bowes Harnesses the Power of the Industrial Internet to Reinvent Production Mail

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Pitney_Bowes_logoPitney Bowes Inc. (NYSE:PBI), a global technology company that provides innovative products and solutions to power commerce, announced its latest innovation in production mail, the Clarity solutions suite. The new SaaS-based offering leverages the physical and digital technologies of the Industrial Internet to integrate and organize data collected from sensors on production mail machines to support real-time insight, predictive analytics and prescriptive maintenance.

Hosted on GE’s Predix platform, Clarity represents the first commercially available solution generated by Pitney Bowes’ collaboration with GE to bring the power of the Industrial Internet to the production mail industry.

The Industrial Internet is transforming everything from aviation to healthcare to oil fields and energy services,” said Yonatan Hagos, GM of Emerging Verticals for GE Digital. “The Pitney Bowes Clarity solutions suite demonstrates how companies are using cloud technologies – like the Predix platform – and analytics to transform their go to market strategy and reinvent their businesses.”

Many of the world’s leading insurers, telecommunications companies and financial institutions rely on Pitney Bowes to process billions of pieces of mail annually. There is an intense focus on security, speed, accuracy and precision. Faced with increasing competition and cost pressures, mail operations are constantly looking for ways to improve efficiency and productivity, and maintain a competitive advantage. By connecting industrial sensors, machine data, people and processes, the Clarity™ solutions suite helps clients access new intelligence to drive higher levels of operational performance.

In its simplest form, production mail is about getting the right information, in the right envelope, to the right customer at precisely the right time, millions of times each day. It is an industry measured in tenths-of-pennies and fractions-of-seconds. Clarity provides our clients with a view of their operations and our industry on a micro and global level that was never before visible – from the performance of a specific motor on a single machine, to the productivity benchmarks of leading print and mail operations around the world,” said Jason Dies, president, Pitney Bowes Document Messaging Technologies. “The insights derived from Clarity allow us to quickly identify strengths and weaknesses in our clients’ print and mail operations and recommend solutions to improve both productivity and capability.”

Clarity is a disruptive technology that will help clients achieve operational excellence. The suite includes three offerings:

  • Clarity Advisor offers an intelligent view into equipment performance to help drive machine efficiency. It proactively monitors trends and patterns to diagnose and resolve many issues before they occur resulting in increased runtime capacity and reduced risk of downtime.
  • Clarity Optimizer leverages actionable insights and industry benchmarks to identify an optimal combination of jobs, machines and operators to help clients improve equipment performance, operational productivity and capacity.
  • Clarity Scheduler provides real-time adaptive scheduling to help clients meet critical service-level agreements and drive productivity. It learns and becomes more intelligent over time, linking a range of variables, including available operators and equipment, jobs in production and planned downtime into one dynamic schedule.

Clarity will be available on Pitney Bowes production mail inserting solutions in North America in March, 2016, Europe in Q2 and globally by 2017.


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