TIBCO Nimbus Maps Provides Navigation Tools for Digital Business Success

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TIBCO_logoTIBCO Software Inc., a global leader in integration, analytics, and event processing, announced its new business process mapping and analysis service, TIBCO Nimbus™ Maps. Aimed at streamlining processes for digital business end users of all backgrounds, Nimbus™ Maps provides customers with superior visibility and control over their business operations. As a result, users are able to access and manage their digital business operations to facilitate business growth and rapid employee onboarding as well as communicate key updates to relevant team members across the enterprise.

If you’re going to become a Digital Business, you first need to understand how your processes actually work, and what they affect. This allows you to focus on transforming the processes that matter the most, such as those that have direct customer touch points, impact your customer experience or affect your time to market for new products or services,” said Matt Quinn, executive vice president of products and chief technology officer, TIBCO. “Nimbus Maps puts process discovery and communication directly in the hands of those that know your business the best, which not only accelerates process improvement, but also helps tie the improvements directly to key metrics from Net Promoter Scores (NPS) to customer Service Level Agreements.”

Nimbus Maps offers users a simple, do-it-yourself cloud-based application to easily map their business processes and operations. With this ability, teams can quickly define, simplify, share, and change their processes in minutes, not days. Users can also communicate major operational changes of digital transformation efforts to the entire organization in a way that minimizes business disruption.

Nimbus Maps users include “process mappers” who set up and manage the organizational map and “team members” who follow the outlined processes. Utilizing the Nimbus Maps software, process mappers are able to define company processes in an easy-to-understand “visual language,” collaborate on improvements, publish new and update existing maps, and send and track notifications for new maps or procedural changes. In return, the corresponding team members can see how to specifically perform job-related tasks and activities, suggest process changes, immediately locate the most up-to-date versions of documents and receive notifications for procedural updates and changes.

Key features in Nimbus Maps include:

  • Cloud-Based Process Mapping– 100% cloud-based software with a web-based designer, requiring no installations or upgrades;
  • Universal Process Notation – Makes processes accessible to everyone within the organization;
  • Built-in Collaboration and Approvals– Team members can leave feedback and comments directly within the process maps they are modifying. A map can have authorizers apply approved changes and control when a map is shared;
  • Attachments and Deep Details –Each activity included on a map can contain more details such as documents, links to appropriate systems or forms, or drill downs to detailed activity specifics; and
  • Notifications –Send out alerts to all team members with information and links to new or updated maps.

For successful business transformations of any kind, it is important that key decision makers within an organization have a firm understanding of the activities taking place internally as well as externally,” Quinn said. “The release of Nimbus Maps demonstrates our dedication to not only supporting companies of all sizes in their journey to ‘destination digital’, but also enabling the everyday businessperson to accomplish their digital transformation goals.”


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