BigchainDB and RethinkDB Partner to Enhance and Expand Blockchain Capabilities

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BigchainDB_logoBigchainDB, a scalable blockchain database that can process one million writes per second, and RethinkDB, an open-source scalable database for the realtime web, announced their new partnership. This partnership will enable BigchainDB to realize the potential of blockchain by building upon the strong foundation of RethinkDB’s open-sourced, realtime database.

Blockchain technology is going to change the world,” said Bruce Pon, CEO of BigchainDB. “Through our strong partnership with RethinkDB and leveraging their technology, we solve the main scalability, latency and queryability issues. BigchainDB blows the lid on throughput limitations and lets enterprises deploy blockchain technology at scale.”

Decentralized blockchain technology holds tremendous promise to rewire modern financial systems, supply chain tracking, creative industries, and even the Internet. Despite the technology’s massive potential, blockchain adoption has been stunted by a variety of issues, including low throughput, excessive latency, a lack of support for querying, and a low storage capacity. What’s more, these problems only intensify upon scaling.

BigchainDB’s database offering, powered by RethinkDB’s distributed NoSQL database, addresses the primary barriers to blockchain adoption by dramatically increasing throughput, adding petabyte capacity, and providing sub-second latency – characteristics that only continue to improve at scale.

RethinkDB is all about making modern, realtime technologies dramatically easier to build,” said Slava Akhmechet, CEO of RethinkDB. “We’re thrilled to see BigchainDB innovating on our database to design a blockchain with significantly improved capabilities.”

BigchainDB’s database grants decentralized control, tamper-resistance that keeps writes to storage from being deleted, and the ability to create and transfer assets on the network without reliance on a central entity. A complementary corporation to BigchainDB, RethinkDB provides an open-source database that enables growth without slow, cumbersome data polling.


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