Qlik Announces Qlik Sense Cloud Business SaaS Offering

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Qlik®(NASDAQ: QLIK), a leader in visual analytics, announced it is expanding its Qlik Sense® Cloud offerings with the introduction of Qlik Sense® Cloud Business. Qlik Sense Cloud Business enables anyone – from small and medium-sized businesses to individuals and workgroups within an enterprise – to create, manage, and collaborate with visual analytics in the simplicity of the cloud. It is powered by the patented QIX Associative Indexing Engine and provides the security, scalability, and performance of the industry-proven Qlik visual analytics platform. By lowering the barrier to entry and providing a business-ready, subscription-based cloud offering, customers can benefit from Qlik Sense Cloud Business immediately with no capital costs.

Pure Cloud-Based Solution Fosters Data-Driven Insights

With its drag-and-drop interface and cutting-edge visualization and associative experience in a responsive, HTML5 client, Qlik Sense Cloud Business extends the power of data-driven insights to users and groups throughout an organization. Its simple and intuitive design enables users of all technical skill levels to quickly and easily create, manage, and collaborate with meaningful analytic apps. Responsive design capabilities offer analysis on-the-go from any device – regardless of device size – including touch, drill, and interact features, with no additional development necessary. In addition, data management capabilities empower users to combine data from diverse sources, including in the cloud, uploaded from on-premise, and third-party apps, to quickly create rich, interactive apps. This user experience is underpinned by Qlik’s Associative Model, which enables users to probe all the possible associations that exist across all of their data.

Simple, Secure, and Governed Collaboration Delivers More Value Faster

Current Qlik Sense Cloud Basic and Plus offerings provide individuals with all the advantages of Qlik Sense combined with the ability to easily share analysis and insights. Qlik Sense Cloud Business adds additional security and governance features, with a focus on empowering groups of people within an organization to deploy and manage a series of analytical apps. For example, Qlik Sense Cloud Business includes:

  • group work area allowing users to collaboratively create, edit, and access group content and apps, enhancing collaboration without limiting flexibility.
  • Group data space enabling all users to contribute data that contains reusable and consistent definitions, expediting the process of creating new apps and eliminating the guesswork in maintaining apps as business requirements evolve over time.
  • Group shared networks that offers multiple shared networks or streams that users may be invited to follow, enabling control for which users have access to which apps.

This cloud-based model allows organizations to add new users and apps as requirements change, with the elasticity to support current and future needs. Qlik Sense Cloud Business follows industry-leading best practices to meets stringent security standards, with all upgrades and infrastructure needs managed by Qlik.

Expands Qlik’s Cloud Offerings for Creation, Management, and Sharing of Apps

In addition to Qlik Sense Cloud Business, the following Qlik Sense® Cloud offerings are currently available:

  • Qlik Sense Cloud Basic: Allows users to share fully interactive Qlik Sense apps with up to five individuals for free without the need for them to download Qlik Sense themselves. This further expands the audience being introduced to the discoveries that can be made in Qlik Sense.
  • Qlik Sense Cloud Plus: Enables users to share with an unlimited number of other users for a monthly fee of $20(US) per month. The Qlik® DataMarket Essentials package, which includes third party currency, weather, social, and economic data, is also included to further enhance analysis. This means that only one user will need to subscribe to Qlik Sense Cloud Plus to share with as many other users as desired. All apps work on any device, including mobile devices, with the responsive design native to Qlik Sense smart visualizations.

Several cloud-based, value-add services are also currently available:

  • Qlik DataMarket: Users can access a comprehensive library of external data directly within Qlik Sense and QlikView to allow users to augment and cross reference their internal data to gain context and drive deeper insights. No other vendor in the business intelligence market delivers this type of data library that encompasses both free and paid data sources available via cloud-based data services. Qlik DataMarket is available to all versions of Qlik Sense, both cloud-based and on-premise.
  • Qlik Sense Charts: Enables non-technical users to embed interactive Qlik Sense visualizations on any public website or blog and share via social media for free. Readers are able to view an optimized chart regardless of device size due to Qlik’s responsive design and can filter data for further insight. Qlik Sense Charts is included with all Qlik Sense Cloud offerings.

Our cloud strategy encompasses more than just an infrastructure or Software-as-a-Service play,” said Anthony Deighton, Qlik CTO and SVP of Products. “At Qlik we see an exciting opportunity for cloud-based value-added services to optimize the visual analytics experience. Likewise, because people do not make decisions alone, sharing in the cloud will always be an important part of our collaboration strategy.”

Qlik Sense Cloud Basic, Qlik Sense Charts, Qlik DataMarket, and Qlik Sense Cloud Plus are available today. Qlik Sense Cloud Business will be available in the second half of 2016.


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