Lattice Engines Announces Next Generation Predictive Insight Platform

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Lattice_Engines logoLattice Engines, the provider of predictive marketing and sales applications to the enterprise, launched the Lattice Predictive Insight Platform. It is the only enterprise-grade marketing platform that features real-time contact and account scoring, rapid self-service modeling, and native applications for Marketo, Eloqua and Salesforce. With the release of this new predictive platform, marketing teams of any skill level can easily create predictive segments and models based on data for both traditional and Account-Based Marketing (ABM) programs. Once deployed, scoring of contacts and accounts occurs within seconds so marketing and sales teams can take immediate action. Sales reps are provided unprecedented insight into every Lattice-scored account, including firmographic, technographic, intent and engagement data.

As the pioneer in the predictive marketing and sales industry, we felt it was time to bring together everything that we have learned over 250+ deployments into a single platform,” said Shashi Upadhyay, CEO of Lattice Engines. “Instead of making incremental improvements, we re-architected the solution and built it from the ground up to be enterprise-grade. Our new platform operates at an enterprise scale, creating thousands of models per day and scoring accounts and leads in seconds. It offers increased usability through native apps for all major platforms, and it is both ISO27001 and Truste certified, which is a level of security that has never been previously achieved in this industry.”

The Lattice Predictive Insight Platform helps teams transform data into actionable insights. Combining more than 30,000 different signals about 150M+ companies and 250M+ contacts in the Lattice Data Cloud with self-service predictive analytics, Lattice enables use-cases across the entire revenue funnel at scale, e.g., target account scoring and prioritization, net-new account identification, real-time inbound lead scoring, data enrichment and predictive segmentation.

Hootsuite has millions of users, and we were in need of predictive marketing as a way to help identify which of our freemium users were the highest value prospects. With Lattice we were able to identify those best prospects, which resulted in pipeline growth, and increased velocity of our sales cycle,” said Shantel Shave, Director, Demand Strategy at Hootsuite. “Moving forward, we’re looking forward to working with Lattice on using their predictive platform to help us build out regional models across the world, and increase our cross-sell opportunities.”

Key features of Lattice’s Insight Platform include:

  • Self-service modeling for contact and account-level prediction: This new platform enables marketing users to create predictive models for contacts and accounts without requiring specialized data science expertise. Marketers can create different models for different target markets in minutes (by geographies, product lines, customer segments, etc.).
  • Real-time scoring engine: Lattice’s real-time scoring engine enables the prioritization of accounts in real-time along two dimensions simultaneously: account fit (how likely is the company to do business with me) and behavior (how engaged or how far along the buying cycle is the lead).
  • Contact enrichment: B2B buying cycle is a team sport. According to IDG research, on average 17 individuals are involved in a buying decision. Lattice enables you to identify and build your contact database based on job title, function, etc. for all key buyers at your target accounts. Marketers can then nurture each of these contacts until the account is ready for sales engagement.
  • Predictive nurturing and prospecting: Lattice now instantly enhances your marketing automation and CRM with data about your target accounts – including firmographic and technographic data so that you can place inbound leads into personalized nurture programs or drive highly contextualized sales outreach.
  • New 360-degree view of leads and target accounts: Lattice provides sales with additional context around the leads and accounts for follow-up. Sales can get an at-a-glance view of an account’s purchase history, buying intent, complementary and competitive technologies and relevant contacts for outreach.


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