DimensionalMechanics Introduces Solutions for Broadcast Media, Interactive Entertainment, Fashion Technology

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DimensionalMechanics_LogoDimensionalMechanics today introduced the first product offerings driven by its cloud-based enterprise artificial intelligence (AI) platform, NeoPulse™. The solutions – NeoPulse Profile, NeoPulse Expert and NeoPulse 3D –leverage deep learning techniques to address complex data analysis, content curation and simulation challenges by incorporating human-like intuition into existing systems.

Since its founding in February 2015, the company has completed an oversubscribed $4.7 million Series A round of financing and continued on a steady trajectory towards commercialization.

DimensionalMechanics is delivering the platform and its product offerings to development partners, initially focusing on the broadcast media, fashion and apparel design technology, and interactive entertainment gaming industries.

A number of large enterprises have shown strong interest in the DimensionalMechanics technologies and the company is working with development partners on use cases, including:

  • Collaborating with a leading broadcast media company to analyze online news coverage and identify characteristics that yield the highest levels of engagement among key audience members. For example, the system identifies objects in images and video, and makes suggestions for editing headlines to improve the projected click rate.
  • Building an advanced 3D design simulation application for a large fashion design technology provider, which allows designers to input fabrics, pattern specifications and body types and visualize exactly how a garment will hang, move and look in different light settings.

The early feedback, insights and excitement we are hearing in our partner discussions have laid a clear path to bring NeoPulse to market,” said Rajeev Dutt, CEO and co-founder of DimensionalMechanics. “NeoPulse’s flexibility is an incredible strength and its capabilities are built to alleviate real, immediate business challenges. These solutions are the foundation of our organization’s future and will serve as a springboard as we continue to supply the most innovative artificial intelligence capabilities available on the market.”

While the platform addresses wide-ranging business challenges, NeoPulse’s solutions focus initially on media content analysis and curation, as well as 3D simulation for advanced design:

  • NeoPulse Profile deconstructs content and data to identify and classify unique elements in intuitive, practical ways. For example, media companies use Profile to quickly analyze huge volumes of content and identify which types will resonate with specific markets and audiences, generating recommendations on programming, advertisements and more. Potential future applications include enhancing military and defense data analysis, data optimization by filtering out unnecessary data while preserving fidelity, mining visual and text-based patient data in healthcare, and more.
  • NeoPulse Expert builds on the capabilities of Profile, yielding massive levels of associations to detect causalities and make predictions. In the media realm, while Profile identifies which content will best resonate, Expert tells users why it will be successful, equipping them with the knowledge and tools to produce more compelling material and reduce cost per impression. In other sectors, Expert’s intuition enables users to understand why a company may or may not be successful based on analysis of Form 10-K’s, or help a physician determine why a surgical procedure is most likely to be effective for a patient.
  • NeoPulse 3D mimics how the mind perceives the real world by simulating the interaction of complex 3D objects. NeoPulse 3D provides powerful innate synthesis of multiple 3D objects, rapidly profiling and rendering the underlying physics and optical characteristics. It enables designers to create highly realistic 3D images at a quality suitable for detailed design, display and analysis. Its uses span game development and animation, virtual and augmented reality, 3D simulation for the fashion and apparel industry, scientific simulation and more.

These solutions are built on the NeoPulse cloud-based platform, which is fully extensible and gives developers the tools to create an endless array of AI-powered applications, regardless of their AI experience or expertise. Users seamlessly integrate NeoPulse’s capabilities into existing applications and workflow to generate deep analytics on new and existing data. The NeoPulse platform solutions are currently available to a select set of partners and will be made generally available in the coming months.

DimensionalMechanics will soon announce a developer program for NeoPulse, initially available to a select group of developers and industry partners.

DimensionalMechanics is making rapid headway toward its goal of building a platform that is sophisticated but dynamic enough to break down barriers for enterprise users, allowing them tap into the power of AI to solve real-world challenges,” said Kent Johnson, DimensionalMechanics investor and board member. “The technological underpinnings are in place, and the team is taking the right approach – focusing its work and leveraging early enthusiasm and gathering critical insights from development partners as it marches closer to market.”


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