GigaSpaces Empowers Developers with Open Source In-Memory Computing Platform

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gigaspaces_logoGigaSpaces, a provider of in-memory computing (IMC) technologies, announced the launch of XAP 12, the company’s first open source initiative for its high-performance data grid. The open core enables developers to build upon a proven IMC platform that’s been utilized by hundreds of Fortune 500 companies worldwide, including top banks, leading retailers, and many of the world’s largest transportation, telecommunications and healthcare companies.

By decoupling and open sourcing the core of XAP, GigaSpaces is introducing a unified in-memory computing platform to incubate new products and use cases. It will also enable companies to deploy XAP in development and staging environments to introduce the capabilities and power of in-memory computing at no cost.

After 16 years of mission-critical deployments within highly complex industries, we want to democratize our product innovation with full visibility and contribution from our customers and the community,” said Ali Hodroj, VP of Products and Strategy for GigaSpaces. “By decoupling the core of XAP, we’ve accomplished this goal, reducing the time-to-market for upstream features and enabling enterprises to fully incorporate all of the computing power available to them in a risk-free environment.”

XAP 12 breathes new life into the product line, and more closely aligns with the way enterprise buyers are most comfortable making technology decisions in today’s environment. With this modernized approach, GigaSpaces also released enhanced editions of XAP. The Premium Edition is for businesses with a clear need for extreme data transaction processing applications that demand millisecond performance. It gives users access to monitoring and support, cross-platform interoperability, enhanced security and business continuity/SLA arrangements.

The Enterprise Edition builds upon Premium, adding hybrid storage capabilities that exploit RAM and SSD, multi-datacenter replication for disaster recovery planning and data locality regulations, as well as session replication and clustering to reduce latency.

GigaSpaces is well-known for its high-performance data grid, and offers a mature product that has been developed over many years and adopted by numerous enterprises in industries such as financial services,” said Jason Stamper, analyst, Data Platforms and Analytics, 451 Research. “The launch of an open source version of XAP signals the beginning of a new chapter, and should help drive community engagement and further enterprise adoption.”

GigaSpaces was the first company to promote the use of Space-Based Architecture (SBA), which empowers businesses with linear scalability through the co-location of business logic and data in-memory. XAP, the company’s flagship product, is an IMC software platform that processes data and apps in real-time, with full support for transactions, rich query semantics and data indexing.


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