VoltDB and Teradata Listener Deliver Streaming Data Intelligence

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VoltDB LogoVoltDB completes integration with Teradata Listener software to empower enterprises with fast data and big data analysis, driving smarter, more profitable decisions

VoltDB, the database purpose-built for fast data applications, announced it has completed integration with Teradata (NYSE: TDC) Listener™ software and certifies VoltDB v6.4 with Teradata Listener version 1.1. With VoltDB and Teradata Listener, organizations can derive value from both real-time data streams and long-term big data architectures. By ingesting, analyzing and acting on incoming data streams in real time, VoltDB enables applications to make smart decisions with millisecond response times and full consistency to increase high-value interactions with customers.

Organizations can identify and act on new opportunities if they can capture and analyze the volume of data that they are receiving in real time. And while 91 percent of CIOs, IT managers and developers believe real-time data analysis can have a positive impact on a business’s bottom line, they still value big data analysis for the “after the fact” insights that can be used to refine real-time models and improve both immediate and future outcomes.

With tremendous growth in streaming data-based deployments for applications related to the internet of things, managing and gleaning insights from fast data is critical to the success of Teradata’s Unified Data Architecture,” said Chris Twogood, Vice President, Product and Solutions Marketing, Teradata. “VoltDB empowers Teradata Listener users to better generate value from the data flowing into their organizations. Organizations can now more intelligently and effectively ingest and distribute fast data streams throughout their analytic ecosystem.”

Teradata Listener’s architecture directs streaming data to VoltDB for real-time processing, enabling organizations to detect, understand and make decisions on data the moment it is collected. Any changes to operational data, as well as other session and operational records no longer needed for real-time applications in VoltDB, are then streamed into Teradata Listener for loading into the Teradata Unified Data Architecture (UDA) environment for long-term storage, exploration and deep analytics.

There is great value in performing deep analytics on historical data, value that is increased by applying intelligence and taking action in the moment on fast streams of data,” said Scott Jarr, Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, VoltDB. “Teradata Listener with VoltDB enables enterprises to link insights gained from long-term analytics with real-time analysis of live data, creating a data architecture that empowers enterprise decision makers to take immediate action to improve business outcomes. This is critical as the amount of data businesses must manage is growing at exponential rates.”


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