Collokia Launches a Collaborative, Machine-Learning Platform

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collokia_logoCollokia, machine learning company that builds seamless collaboration solutions for software developers, announced the beta launch of its new, collaborative machine-learning platform, designed to foster collaboration within software teams by enabling improved access to information and knowledge.

Software teams spend a great deal of time researching technical solutions, especially when the technology they are working with is new to the team. But sifting through the vast array of information available on the Internet is cumbersome. Collokia’s collaborative machine-learning platform offers an easy-to-use solution that allows software teams to easily identify, catalog, and share useful information, reducing the time spent on research and promoting increased knowledge transfer between, and within, development teams.

Most collaboration platforms have cumbersome systems for information sharing, placing an extra burden on already busy teams, Collokia’s platform for knowledge mapping, collection, and distribution is designed to be completely transparent and effortless. Its unique combination of plug-in technology and artificial intelligence (AI) not only simplifies the process of locating key information that already resides within a company’s systems, it enables teams to effortlessly update and edit their search results. The result is documentation that is maintained on an ongoing basis, increasing its usefulness and relevancy.

Two key standout features of Collokia’s collaborative, machine-learning platform include:

  • Search functionality that helps managers to more easily staff up new teams by identifying software engineers and technicians who possess specific skills: Collokia’s algorithms silently run in the background, automatically collecting data about the information sources used by teams when coding, such as which sites they visit, what articles they read, and what coding libraries they use. The resulting patterns provide unique insights into the specific skills and interests of every team member.
  • Context-based display of internal content to simplify the transfer of critical knowledge: Since Collokia’s plugin is context-aware, whenever a member of a software team searches for information on the Internet, the platform will instantly highlight relevant information from the organization’s internal knowledge base. This increases productivity by allowing for the seamless distribution of valuable internal knowledge.

We know how increased knowledge sharing with one’s colleagues can result in more effective project management, especially amongst software developers,” said Pablo Brenner, co-founder and CEO of Collokia. “So we are thrilled about  the beta launch of our new collaborative machine-learning platform, which employs cutting-edge machine learning and AI. We look forward to its commercial launch in the upcoming months.”

Collokia recently secured $1.3 million in seed funding. The funding was led by software giant Globant, one of Collokia’s first customers, and Fundo Pitanga, a Brazilian venture capital firm. The technology has been in development and testing since 2014.


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