Bigstep Launches Real-Time Container Service

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Bigstep_logoBigstep, the big-data cloud provider, launched Bigstep Real-Time Container Service designed especially for real-time streaming applications, microservice-based architectures and memory-intensive workloads that require low latency and high performance.

The industry is moving toward a fine-grained, streaming compute model to increase resiliency, throughput and reaction time. The challenge now is firstly how to manage all these moving parts and secondly how to avoid cascading latency issues. The Bigstep Real-Time Container Service is designed to address both problems,” said Bigstep Founder and CEO Lucas Roh.

The Bigstep Real-Time Container Service is based on Docker and can easily run distributed streaming applications on Bigstep’s bare-metal cloud, such as those built on Spark Streaming, Storm/Heron or Flink.

Applications can operate at the same performance levels as running directly on bare metal, bypassing performance and security issues associated with hypervisors and virtual machines.

Unique, powerful features include:

  • Low-latency network: 40Gbps container-to-container network fabric, without using overlay networks and without virtual switching;
  • High-performance persistency support: storage volumes follow containers as they move across the cluster;
  • Single-tenant bare-metal compute fabric: high-performance bare-metal hosts are single-tenant and hypervisor-free, and yet can be scaled on-demand; and
  • The capacity to quickly design and manage complex streaming architectures: intuitive drag-and-drop interface or via the Bigstep API.

The Bigstep Real-Time Container Service provides dynamic resource allocation and load balancing, all within a high-availability and fault-tolerant environment.

The benefits include push-button scalability of high-performance environments for real-time analytics. It easily plugs into existing environments, making it simple to “containerize” monolithic applications into microservice-based solutions.

Bigstep Real-Time Containers are available with Bigstep’s 24/7 support, without any additional fees to customers.

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