Valentine’s Day Tip – Managing Your Relationship with Data

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Happy Valentine’s Day out to all our friends! Today is also known as the Feast of Saint Valentine, so we certainly can identify with the “feast” part as our beloved Big Data industry continues to feast on lovely data of all kinds – structured and unstructured. A number of our friends from the big data ecosystem reached out to us with their feelings for maintaining a healthy relationship with valuable data assets. Enjoy!

This Valentine’s Day, it’s time to show love for your data! First protect it. With so many others with their eyes on your data, you can’t leave it vulnerable to ransomware or loss. Secondly, commit to your data long term. Public cloud is like dating, you can float from one provider to the next but, while you do, you risk others accessing your data or denying your access to it. One moment it’s your data, next there’s an outage and you have no idea who has it or where it is. With private cloud you always know where your sensitive data is. You get the promise of data that is always private and secure. Love your data, this Valentine’s, and it will be there for you, whenever and wherever you need it. – Victoria Grey, CMO at Nexsan

Imagine never having to do the dishes, the food shop or sit down and sift through bills ever again? Taking these types of mundane tasks out of a relationship can invigorate and free up more time for you to spend with that special somebody. In the world of the storage admin, some mundane tasks have become a regular necessity. But the arrival of chat ops and cloud automation will allow them to complete a range of tasks such as provisioning of VMs, organizing snapshots, and arranging QoS with much less direct intervention. As a result, the focus can be on broader strategic priorities—allowing for that free time you’ve been dreaming of; maybe get the bot to arrange the chocolates.- Chuck Dubuque, vice president of product marketing at Tintri

For many VDI users, love is perhaps the last emotion they feel when using the technology. Frustrating, slow performance and poor user experience have frequently undermined the relationship between service and user. Agility, simplicity and low cost is what’s important to optimize the entire experience – all this can be achieved with modern Virtual Workspace. Delivering the simplest deployment and management while offering greater agility to run on any hardware can radically improve the users overall experience. Don’t fear VDI anymore, it’s time to fall in love with it! – Patrick Brennan, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Atlantis Computing

Delta, United Airlines, GitLab – what do all these companies have in common? IT teams that are not feeling the love from their disaster recovery plan. Downtime, headlines and management headaches are the result of failed, or a complete lack of, disaster recovery plans in these cases and definitely wouldn’t elicit any warm feelings around this time of year. But what if you could reignite that spark between you and your disaster recovery plan this Valentine’s Day? Automation would free up lots of time for you to pursue other passions, a quick test cycle would relieve you from spending your weekends alone in the office, and constant replication would give you peace of mind. All of this can be possible with the right disaster recovery software and plan.” – Jennifer Gill, Director, Global Product Marketing, Zerto

And last but not least and in keeping with the spirit of Valentine’s Day, here’s a news item of a special match — found the perfect match with Dell Boomi. The world’s online corner candy store is using Boomi’s integration platform as a service (iPaSS) to implement EDI to NetSuite integration. With easy application integration, can now concentrate on growing its business — a perfect Valentine’s Day story. Using Boomi’s solution, integrated online order transactions, met EDI compliance standards of key trading partners, and integrated to their NetSuite system without missing a beat. With EDI to NetSuite integration, improved operational efficiencies, increased the ability to scale to meet shifts in demand (important for Valentine’s Day!) and delivered up-to-date customer data across the business.

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