Sumo Logic Delivers Multi-Tenant SaaS Security Analytics Solution with Integrated Threat Intelligence

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Sumo Logic, a leading cloud-native, machine data analytics service, announced the availability of the industry’s first multi-tenant SaaS security analytics solution with integrated threat intelligence. This, coupled with new security apps for monitoring and compliance and a milestone certification for PCI DSS 3.2, demonstrates Sumo Logic’s strong momentum and commitment to providing leading-edge security analytics capabilities and compliance standards to customers.

Today’s IT organizations aren’t just fighting hackers, they’re battling the tsunami of data from their own infrastructure and modern applications, challenging them to figure out how to effectively monitor and correlate data to get the deep insights needed to identify and respond to security incidents and mitigate damage. While traditional SIEM technology was useful  in the early detection of targeted attacks and data breaches for on-prem and legacy applications, today’s enterprises require a new approach in how they build, run and secure modern applications.

Sumo Logic’s security analytics solution provides automated predictive analytics and deep insights for security operations (SecOps) teams to help them more effectively manage and audit their entire modern application environment through:

  • Centralize and correlate all machine data across applications, underlying IT infrastructure and dependent components, for security and compliance auditing
  • Dynamically apply machine learning to detect and root cause analysis critical security and operational issues in your entire environment
  • Integrate threat intelligence feeds for identifying malicious security risks to the organization compromising the integrity of critical applications and data

Sumo Logic’s next-generation security analytics solution incorporates threat intelligence, powered by a partnership with CrowdStrike, the leader in global threat intelligence and cloud-delivered endpoint protection. The fully integrated solution correlates threat intelligence data with Sumo Logic’s log data for real-time security analytics to help organizations increase the velocity and accuracy of threat detection in modern applications, while protecting against sophisticated and persistent cyberattacks. Sumo Logic’s threat intelligence capabilities put the control back in the users hands, and increase the visibility and understanding of adversaries working to penetrate their organization and compromise critical applications and data.

Today’s new modern applications are tightly tied to digital initiatives in the cloud, requiring a next-generation security analytics solution delivering continuous intelligence across critical components. These include: centralized log management, correlation, machine learning, and integrated threat intelligence,” said George Gerchow, VP of security and compliance for Sumo Logic. “By combining forces with CrowdStrike, we’re able help companies improve their security posture and better respond to threats targeting their data and applications.”


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