Alooma Live Provides Real-Time Visualization of Cloud Data Streams

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Alooma, the modern data pipeline company, announced Alooma Live, a real-time visualization tool that enables data scientists and engineers to monitor data streams in transit. It allows enterprises to monitor behavior and identify discrepancies to correct data integrity problems before they can impact data warehouse and business intelligence (BI) applications.

While some tools enable organizations to visualize and explore data at rest, very few tools provide the ability to monitor and interact with data streams in motion. Until now, data pipelines have been opaque black boxes that offer little insight into what is happening in real-time. Once data is loaded into a data warehouse it is often too late to identify discrepancies and data validity issues.

Alooma Live makes it possible to view data flows in real-time and separately visualize individual streams from each data source. For example, some streams flow continuously at a relatively uniform rate, while others flow in bursts. Alooma Live provides statistics on data rates, extracts live samples and allows searching and filtering of streams – all in real-time. This enables organizations to inspect data streams, validate integrations of new data sources and debug problems.

Without the ability to manage streams flowing to cloud data warehouses and applications, it’s impossible for organizations to trust the integrity of their data and the business decisions that are based on it,” said Yoni Broyde, Co-founder and CEO of Alooma. “Alooma Live makes its possible for data scientists and engineers to gain unprecedented visibility into their streams, so they can correct problems and be confident the intelligence being derived from their data is accurate, reliable and actionable.”


Alooma Live is available immediately and is priced on an annual subscription basis.


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