Greenwave Systems Announces AXON Predict

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Greenwave Systems, Inc., a global managed services and Internet of Things (IoT) software leader, announced that as a result of acquiring Predixion Software, the company now offers a real-time visual edge analytics solution called AXON Predict™. While most analytics solutions get data ‘from’ the edge and push it to the cloud for processing, Greenwave’s AXON Predict performs analytics ‘at’ the edge. It adds a new level of intelligenceto machines and sensors at every step of the network, enabling real-time action right at the source of input.

We’ve built a small, smart, self-healing and predictive maintenance solution to reduce asset management costs and drive new revenue streams for enterprises and original equipment manufactures (OEM),” said Simon Arkell, general manager of software platforms and analytics at Greenwave Systems. “We tailor our visual analytics engine for each customer to maximize efficiency, deliver automatic anomaly detection and unleash opportunities that other solutions simply can’t deliver.”

Greenwave’s AXON Platform extends analytics and machine learning down to the chip level and at all points in between. With the addition of AXON Predict to its product family, the company is now extending computational power and real intelligence industrial, commercial and consumer market segments within the Internet of Things (IoT). Together, the company’s real-time visual edge analytics software and sophisticated data management platform will enable enterprises and OEMs to manage critical data at the edge of a network in real time, which is far more effective than waiting for it to be uploaded and processed in the cloud.

Parks Associates reports that 26% of US households own a smart home device and each one of these devices is capable of streaming mountains of data. “While everyone agrees that this data has tremendous value, few have figured out how to unlock that value,” said Tom Kerber, Director, IoT Strategy, Parks Associates. “As a result, data analytics platforms are rapidly becoming an essential component of an IoT solution portfolio.”

We’ve seen a real need for this in the market and our customers have affirmed our belief; smart devices often lack the ability to analyze real-time data at the source, causing latency, compliance and cost issues associated with data loss,” said Arkell. “We’re addressing this pain point head on by delivering intelligence to make devices and ordinary silicon smarter. Our analytics engine provides sharper insights and faster response times for our customers and help them improve both their top and bottom line.”


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