Brodmann17: The Startup Working to Eliminate the Need for Nvidia GPUs

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Brodmann17, a developer of proprietary deep learning algorithms that increases overall speed and efficiency in processors, while eliminating the need for Graphic Processing Units (GPU), is announcing its official launch and the completion of a $1.6 million seed round led by lool ventures with Samsung Next and Sony Innovation Fund participating. The funds will be used to enable Brodmann17 to continue developing its deep learning technology for some of the world’s leading manufacturers, and speed up image processing 20x: from less than one image per second to real-time on standard CPUs.

Deep learning is the most advanced set of algorithms for machine vision applications powered by artificial intelligence, capable of outperforming any other current method. However, it requires great processing power that restricts its applications to the cloud- devices such as wearables and drones are still not capable of supporting the technology.

With the completion of our funding round, we couldn’t be more excited to expand our reach and continue developing our world class technology. Our proprietary technology is designed to bring an entirely new experience to users,” said Dr. Amir Alush, CTO and Co-Founder at Brodmann17.

Enter Brodmann17, the company that eliminates the need for the expensive power-hungry  GPUs, which often produce excessive amounts of heat, making devices work harder and process information slower. In the case of smartphones, the company’s deep learning technology reduces the amount of calculations needed to compute, saving users 95% of the overall power consumption in their smartphone batteries, while saving developers time on creating new hardware, at a fraction of the cost. The technology also enables local processing of images and videos, creating a safer and more private experience on one’s device.

The company is enabling deep learning on existing processors, extending the life of products for consumers. By replacing traditional computer vision algorithms with deep learning algorithms on the same processors, Brodmann17’s technology can also boost the performance of cameras, smartphones and more using software alone.

We are impressed with Brodmann17’s core technology, and the number of leading companies across numerous industries that are already implementing Brodmann’s technology in their products. Brodmann17’s unique approach enables its partners to create today products and use cases that were impossible or impractical before, while holding great promise for the future of deep learning.” said Yaniv Golan, General Partner, lool ventures.


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