MemSQL Offers Real-Time Data Warehouse Managed Service

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MemSQL, provider of the fast real-time data warehouse, announced the general availability of MemSQL Cloud. With this release, MemSQL now  allows customers to use the managed service on either Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure with a unified architecture for transactional, analytical, and streaming data warehouse workloads.

In this time of rapid change, companies face challenges with current data warehouse implementations, such as performance degradation when  running new machine learning workloads and making sense of significantly increasing volumes of data. Meanwhile, the delivery of faster insights and  more accurate data for decision-making leads to a competitive advantage. To solve these issues, MemSQL provides a real-time data warehouse that  works seamlessly to meet customers’ hybrid, multicloud and high security needs.

Today, MemSQL has completed its vision to become the first and only real-time data warehouse to run anywhere to fit the needs of any enterprise,”  said Eric Frenkiel, co-founder and CEO, MemSQL. “Now customers can choose to use our managed cloud solution, deploy to any public cloud,  operate in their own infrastructure, or a combination. The freedom to choose among deployment options allows companies to architect advanced  analytics solutions for today and give them the flexibility to adapt for tomorrow.”

Key features of MemSQL

MemSQL provides enterprises with a powerful, highly available and immediate analytics engine that incorporates a single, consistent security model  across its product portfolio. MemSQL was designed for the full range of modern, big data workloads and is a fit for customers that need:

  • Optimization: To run more queries faster with fewer resources
  • Enterprise-Grade Security: To meet stringent security requirements
  • Real Time: To stream ingest data, perform ad-hoc queries and run concurrent workloads

MemSQL includes around the clock monitoring, managed backups, and automatic updates and upgrades, giving customers a complete feature set in  an easy-to-consume offering. Customers choose MemSQL instead of other data warehouse providers because only MemSQL offers a hybrid and  multicloud solution that runs anywhere and has an architecture to capture transactions concurrently with real-time analytics.

At Thorn, we need to work with the best companies to fulfill our mission of leveraging advanced technology on behalf of some of our most vulnerable  children,” said Julie Cordua, CEO, Thorn. “With the help of machine learning within MemSQL Cloud, we are able to significantly accelerate our image recognition capabilities to improve victim identification and ultimately combat abuse more effectively.”

New with MemSQL Cloud

Cloud is a top priority for CIOs, which means they need more straightforward tools to help them plan any type of cloud deployment and migration.  With MemSQL Cloud, customers have a simple managed service for real-time data warehousing, including:

  • Cloud Storage Options: Integrated options, such as AWS Elastic Block Storage
  • System Metrics: Cluster visibility to ensure continuous uptime and optimal performance
  • Security Groups : Built-in access control lists for added security
  • Real-time Support: Instant access to trained MemSQL experts for smooth operations

Customers can now implement MemSQL Cloud with one-click provisioning and easily load data from companies such as Informatica, Talend, and  DataVirtuality, while creating dashboards with popular tools such as Tableau, Looker, and Zoomdata. With a simple user interface, customers now get  the best of MemSQL in a managed service.

With MemSQL Cloud, our application is more competitive because it now delivers faster analytics to our customers,” said Darrin Thompson, Senior  Software Engineer, DirectEmployers. “What makes MemSQL Cloud a great solution is the ease and rapid setup we experienced with the product. It  enabled us to get to market fast with a sophisticated analytics solution that just works.”

Pricing and Availability

The MemSQL Cloud is available now for customers looking to use Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure, with support coming soon for Google Cloud Platform customers.


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