Hitachi Solutions Powers Big Data with R

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In this video from the EARL 2017 conference in San Francisco (June 5-7, 2017), insideBIGDATA’s Managing Editor and resident data scientist Daniel D. Gutierrez chats with David Bishop, SVP – Head of R&D, Hitachi Solutions America. Discussion topics include: David’s talk at the conference “Using R in the clean energy industry to enable autonomous workloads,” an interesting post on the Hitachi Solutions blog “2017 Trends in Business Intelligence,” a recent Microsoft online event “The Manufacturer of the Future,” as well as David’s predictions for the future of the advanced analytics space.

David wears several hats at Hitachi Solutions – a two-fold company – an ISV for Microsoft Dynamics 365, as well as a large and growing business analytics and collaboration practice. He heads up R&D and oversees the data science group as well. The part of David’s job that excites him the most is talking to existing and new customers who are using Dynamics systems about ways of understanding the data.

David mentions his interest in the clean energy arena and the talk he gave at the EARL conference:
I’ll be talking about predominantly the clean energy areas around wind turbines and how R and our IOT solution allows customers to monitor and manage IOT devices, and at the end of the day a wind turbine has a lot of IOT devices. Being able to predict when one of those devices might fail … and being able to dispatch somebody to actually look at it and repair it … before it actually fails.
Hitachi Solutions plays extensively on the Microsoft technology stack, so everything the company runs is in the Azure cloud and they also make extensive use of Microsoft R server.
I think people are finally understanding the power of algorithms and there’s always the two camps – the R camp and the Python camp. We base everything on R and for me, working with Microsoft and their product teams directly, it’s great to see them really encompassing it and growing this for what I would call the Microsoft community. Since their Revo acquisition it allowed them to really move forward.
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