Naveego Unveils Cloud-Based Data Quality and Master Data Management Solutions to Proactively Detect and Eliminate Data Quality Issues Across Enterprise Systems

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Naveego, an emerging leader of cloud-based Data Quality (DQS) and Master Data Management (MDM) solutions, announced today a new release of Naveego DQS. The company continues to innovate and design a new era of DQS and MDM products to proactively manage, detect and eliminate data quality issues across enterprise systems. The offerings seamlessly connect to cloud and on-premises data sources to deliver insight and critical information that customers can use to improve business efficiencies, creating a competitive advantage.

A recent report by Research and Markets asserts that the data quality tools market size is expected to grow from $610 million in 2017 to $1.3 billion by 2022, at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 17.7 percent. The report attributes this growth to the rampant use of technology. Prices for gadgets have come down, giving more users access to smart devices, and the use of powerful computing tools has gone up, resulting in a data explosion. This ever-expanding amount of data has led to complex data types and formats, requiring the ability to understand and evaluate information in order to make rapid actionable decisions. These factors, in parallel with the need to meet compliance and regulatory requirements, are expected to drive the growth of the data quality tools market.

Naveego’s  DQS and MDM solutions are designed on its scalable, cloud-based management platform and connect disparate, siloed applications to proactively detect and eliminate problem data to provide data accuracy and consistency across the enterprise. This ensures that customers have the most up to date information possible to make mission critical decisions that add to the bottom line.

Naveego’s Data Quality solution helps us identify and remediate inaccurate data and process breakdowns across our information systems thereby ensuring quality data, streamlined processes, quicker decisions, and reduced risk,” said Patrick Seals, CIO, Breitburn Energy Partners LP. “In comparison, traditional on-premises data quality solutions are expensive to deploy, require teams of specialists and take months before delivering any value to the business. Naveego stands apart by leveraging the cloud and empowering our analysts to quickly utilize existing skills and knowledge of our data to create quality checks to identify and begin improving quality immediately.”

New features in Naveego DQS include:

  • Cross System Data Comparison – Cross System Data Comparison makes it easy to compare the data between two different systems, regardless of where their data lives. This functionality enables users to compare data between their internal SQL database and, for example.
  • Data System Health Dashboard – While many solutions can generate system health dashboards for a company’s network, applications and more, none provide a “Data Health” dashboard. This gives users one central place to access a high level overview of the health of their data.
  • Big Data Technology Allows Data Quality on Large Data Sets – Leveraging big data technologies that support massive amounts of data, Naveego DQS enables the ability to consume, validate, and compare massive amounts of data.
  • Write SQL Against Non-SQL Data Sets – This feature allows customers to connect to business applications quickly and efficiently, and validate them all with SQL. For example, SQL can be used to validate data.
  • Templated Quality Checks – Templated Quality Checks allow users to quickly execute common quality checks for multiple targets. In order to run an address check against customer data with results segmented by state, as an example, a user would write one validation check, and break out the results by state. Previously, the user would have had to create 50 different checks manually, one for each state.

We are constantly striving to deliver solutions that enable our customers to manage, monitor and maintain quality business data in the simplest, most intuitive manner possible,” said Derek Smith, Co-founder and CEO, Naveego. “Organizations are increasingly seeking simpler solutions for data quality, integration and management without the high cost and complexity of legacy offerings that were never architected for the cloud. With the new releases of Naveego DQS and MDM, we’ve added functionality that enables users to better master their business data and achieve a competitive advantage as a result.”


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