Unifi Software Delivers the Only Comprehensive Platform for Self-Service Access to Data

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Unifi Software, the Data as a Service platform, governed by IT and enabling business users to access data across the enterprise on a self-service basis, announced the most comprehensive suite of data management features in its latest release, Unifi Version 2.0. Customers are already taking full advantage of the new capabilities in Unifi and solving business data problems to deliver solutions such as compliance analytics, audience analytics, sales micro-targeting, Customer 360 marketing analytics, ERP consolidation and real-time e-commerce shopping cart abandonment reduction.

Many enterprise companies we’ve spoken with are in need of a holistic strategy for self-service data. In reality, when there are multiple tools to integrate and multiple products to manage, IT can’t enable insights fast enough for businesses to pivot quickly to be competitive,” said John O’Brien, Principal Advisor and CEO, Radiant Advisors. “We believe a unified platform for self-service data access is a foundational component of a successful data-driven business today. Unifi addresses this need with a comprehensive set of capabilities for data catalog and discovery, AI and ML-assisted data prep, community engagement, and governance and security in its platform.”

In today’s digital business environment, companies face an increasing number of users that desire access to data to do their jobs. IT, which serves as the gatekeeper between providing access to the data, securing it and enforcing governance and privacy requirements, is overburdened to keep up. Data, which exists in disparate repositories must be combined and made accessible, while new data is streaming in at faster rates, and coming from a multitude of different data sources. Companies must, therefore, think differently about how they provide broad access to data and manage it effectively.

Unifi’s solution went over and above expectations in assisting us to create a 360 view of our members. Their solution is now highly effective in integrating our account based operational data sources into our CRM solution,” said David Doss, President and CEO, OneAZ Credit Union. “They were always very responsive and completed the project on time and under budget.”

For any financial institution, such as OneAZ Credit Union, data security and compliance officers can use Unifi’s new RegAlert! real-time monitoring feature to prevent unauthorized users from accessing PII data, which will soon fall under the European Union’s GDPR mandate. Data stewards and compliance officers can easily apply access permissions, or data masking at the row or column level, to secure these assets for use by authorized users.

Unifi Version 2.0 is the culmination of an incredible feature set of data management capabilities that delivers business value to our customers through a user-friendly, Google-like search experience powered by AI, which is core to the platform,” said Ayush Parashar, Co-Founder and Vice President of Engineering, Unifi Software. “Unifi provides a rich set of capabilities for companies that need data governance and security at a granular level, for example, visibility into metadata and data lineage. We’ve built the only data platform in the market that combines data governance, catalog, discovery, data prep, and collaboration features in an enterprise-grade product with consumer-grade usability.”

Feature Highlights of Unifi 2.0 include:

  • A single integrated console, where for the first time an enterprise can search and discover all its data assets as well as apply authorizations to enable self-service discovery.
  • The ability to expose the lineage of how a metric or dataset was derived which gives users of the platform confidence that all outcomes can be traced back to their origin for confirmation and validation.
  • The ability for a company to capture the true ontology of source data through a robust Metadata Business Glossary, which can integrate with any existing third party solution for metadata capture and instantiation.
  • Collaborative commenting alongside a scoring engine that provides a Reliability and Quality Index to enable business users to confidently leverage data for analysis.
  • A rich AI-powered recommendation engine that generates a series of OneClick functions and links to enrich the downstream analysis.
  • An iterative analytic process, which allows for the ability to version and tag various actions. Users can easily go back and forth between various states to compare actions, empowering them to experiment and test out a hypothesis.
  • Support for both MapReduce and Spark for execution engines for Data Preparation. Unifi’s Cost Based Optimizer (CBO) enables our platform to choose the right execution engine based on the required tasks at hand. Leveraging our deep understanding of the source systems and metadata, Unifi can predict which framework is best suited for the task at hand.


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