Arcadia Data Simplifies Big Data with Machine-Assisted Insights for Business Analysts

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Arcadia Data, provider of the native visual analytics software for big data, announced updates to its platform to streamline big data analytics with machine-assisted insights that allow greater accessibility and self-service to business analysts. Meant to reduce the complexity of  handling modern data types and the associated workflows, Arcadia Enterprise version 4.2 is the next significant step in an ongoing path of innovation using machine learning and other methods to accelerate the value and usability of big data for business professionals.

Today’s business intelligence (BI) and analytics landscape requires IT teams and technical analysts to oversee the process of normalizing complex  data types, to perform intensive extract/transform/load (ETL) processes, and to maintain a variety of data streams simultaneously. Those demanding tasks often result in inefficiency for business analysts to perform advanced analysis quickly when their tools force them to depend on IT for reporting  and insights. Arcadia Data customers have overcome those obstacles to successfully deploy data lakes and modern analytical environments.

The upcoming release of Arcadia Enterprise arms business analysts with the ability to handle bigger volumes of data with advanced capabilities to  develop real-time visualizations and navigate the complex data types coming from many previously untapped data sources. The update reduces the  need for IT intervention and enables the analysts to get to insights and collaboration faster.

Specific features available to business analysts in the upcoming release include:

  • Support for real-time streaming visualizations with granular, time-based filters. The ability to pull the most recent data from any time window (i.e., hours, minutes, seconds) from streaming sources and refresh the visuals without manual polling, and the capability to play and pause streaming visualizations on true data streams;
  • Arcadia Data Instant Visuals for recommendations on live big data sets. A built-in recommendation engine that provides instant side-by-side comparisons of ideal chart/graphic options on live data, as well as a variety of rich options for color and formatting selection; and
  • Support for complex data types. Real-time streams of data without ETL and data flattening, gives analysts easier access to more data sources to explore and analyze in a self-service manner.

The complexity of today’s digital world is mandating that all organizations be data-driven to maintain competitive advantage, thus raising the bar for  modern business intelligence strategies and tools,” said Shant Hovsepian, cofounder and chief technology officer at Arcadia Data. “It’s the need for  immediacy and scale that is increasingly putting pressure on IT teams to reduce administrative overhead and deliver more self-service. Our new  release empowers business analysts with features like the machine-recommended visuals to get value faster from their data.”

The updates to Arcadia Enterprise will be available by the end of year.


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