DialogTech Helps Businesses that Value Phone Calls Drive Growth with AI and Predictive Analytics

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DialogTech, a leading provider of actionable marketing analytics for phone calls, announced the addition of a new team of data scientists to help businesses that value phone calls unlock the full power of artificial intelligence to drive growth. The team, whose members hold PhDs and advanced degrees in computer science and linguistics, will help DialogTech customers use AI to optimize marketing, sales and operations performance, leveraging insights from billions of customer calls tracked by the DialogTech voice management platform to generate better qualified callers and deliver the right experiences to convert them to customers.

Leading companies such as Sylvan Learning and Comfort Keepers — as well as top brands in the automotive, home rental, home services, financial services and franchise industries — use DialogTech’s AI and deep data mining to drive revenue throughout a customer’s marketing and sales experience.

Introducing the Smart Call Analytics Solution

The addition of the data science team enables DialogTech to offer businesses a unique combination of sophisticated AI and machine-learning technology, the most accurate voice transcriptions powered by Nuance and the industry’s top data science group, making DialogTech the world’s smartest call analytics solution.

DialogTech has assembled some of the brightest minds in data science to help our customers realize the full benefits of AI,” said Leon Chism, CTO at DialogTech. “The potential for AI to improve how businesses acquire customers over the phone is enormous, but first you need a call analytics solution with the right data, technology and people to make it happen — and only DialogTech has all three.”

DialogTech’s data science team works closely with each customer, building custom machine-learning algorithms to analyze the full context of phone calls, uncover hidden insights, analyze caller behavior, predict outcomes, detect problems and recommend best actions. Some examples of DialogTech’s AI capabilities include:

Uncover Insights

  • Categorize calls based on disposition and lead quality, whether they reached a live person, what was said and more
  • Scan recent calls to identify missed opportunities that sales teams should contact and prioritize them based on their likelihood of becoming customers
  • Reduce churn by identifying upset callers and at-risk customers that require an immediate call back
  • Identify callers who were promised a return call but never received one

Make Smarter Decisions

  • Predict how adjustments in marketing spend, ad targeting or keyword bidding will impact inbound call volumes and revenue
  • Build audiences based on how likely they are to call and deliver them the right message at the right time to generate a conversion
  • Determine the best way to route callers with specific characteristics or a certain activity history to increase their likelihood of converting to revenue
  • Rank marketing channels, ad campaigns, webpages and more by how well they generate calls that convert to customers

Prevent Problems

  • Alert the marketing team that a once-lucrative ad campaign is no longer driving quality callers and should be adjusted or eliminated immediately
  • Alert management when call center agents or specific locations answering calls are veering off-message or failing to use approved scripts
  • Detect if high percentages of calls to any location go to voicemail, identify if high call volumes during specific days or times are to blame and make staffing corrections
  • Know when call volumes from any marketing campaign to any location experience a rapid decline and require immediate action


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