NVIDIA’s New Data Science Workstation— a Review and Benchmark

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This new whitepaper from NVIDIA’s Authorized Channel Partner PNY Technologies, tests and reviews the recently released Data Science Workstation, a PC that puts together all the Data Science hardware and software into one nice package. The workstation is a total powerhouse machine, packed with all the computing power—and software—that’s great for plowing through data.

Getting an in-house workstation can be a pretty big upfront investment—you’re buying a lot of hardware in one shot. But the convenience of working locally with no cloud costs and having everything perfectly set up more than make up for the upfront price. It’s a Data Science package that “just works.”

The whitepaper includes results regarding a benchmark test to see how the work station performs when processing a very large data set using XGBoost, an open source library providing a high-performance implementation of gradient boosted decision trees. A demo notebook uses Rapids.ai to run the test. Rapids is a suite of software libraries designed for accelerating Data Science by leveraging GPUs. Even with such a massive data set, using CPU only, the 2 Xeon processors totaling to 16 cores / 32 threads handle it pretty well:

Download the new white paper courtesy of PNY Technologies, Inc. to learn more about the Data Science Workstation built by BOXX. Although it’s designed for Data Science, it still comes with all the standard ports including USB, audio, mic, and a disk drive.

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