eBook: A Practical Guide to Using Third-Party Data in the Cloud

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Download this eBook to learn how innovative teams are shifting their focus from data-driven business intelligence to accelerating insight-driven decision-making and now are turning to third-party datasets as a differentiator.

To help you navigate this proliferating data landscape, AWS Data Exchange would like to present you with a copy of the new eBook, A Practical Guide to Using Third-Party Data in the Cloud.

Drawing on the expertise of today’s top leaders, this roadmap provides tactics, techniques, and procedures for leveraging external datasets, data-sharing programs, and data valuation. Implementing the best practices in this collection will help provide leaders with foundational knowledge and actionable advice to create value, drive innovation, and transform your business with third-party data in the cloud.

Read this guide to learn about:

  • Creating a data-sharing culture, fostering a data-sharing mindset, and implementing the right data-sharing information architecture for your organization
  • Building a unique data innovation strategy and accelerating business outcomes with machine-learning and automation
  • Leveraging third-party data to outperform, increase competitive edge, and expand the power of insights and analytics
  • Determining the value of external data, understanding the external data imperative, and thriving in the new data economy

Contributors include:

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