Anaconda Announces Collaboration with Esri, Setting the Enterprise Standard for Python Across the Geospatial Community

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Anaconda Inc., provider of the popular data science platform, announced a collaboration with Esri, the global market leader in geographic information system (GIS) software, location intelligence, and mapping. This collaboration supports Esri and the geospatial community by providing users of Esri’s software with preloaded geospatial packages for use with Python.

“Esri has been a long-standing customer, and we are excited to partner with them to provide a world-class Python integration for our joint users,” said Peter Wang, CEO and co-founder of Anaconda. “Geospatial analysts and data scientists can perform powerful new analyses using the rich ecosystem of tools within the Anaconda package repository while staying within their familiar ArcGIS environment. I am thrilled to better serve this broad user community that spans government agencies, health and services, transportation, education, and more.”

Following Anaconda’s launch of their Embedded Partner Program in November and their partnership announcement with Snowflake, this collaboration allows Anaconda to expand its footprint in location-based analytics and become the standard tool for enterprise Python.

“By having a tailored environment, users will be able to complete data analysis with Python while also having a format that data scientists are familiar with and catering to a wide variety of users in the geospatial community,” said David Watkins, ArcGIS Pro Product Manager of Esri. “With this collaboration, we’re able to provide access to Anaconda and our Geospatial packages directly to our customers.”

By embedding essential packages and a tailored Python environment from Anaconda’s conda package repository, ArcGIS gives users access to cutting-edge geospatial, scientific, and machine learning tools, while staying within compliance protocols and best practices for securing open source in sensitive and mission-critical environments. Standardizing with Anaconda allows teams to collaborate more seamlessly and accelerates time-to-insight. Together, Anaconda and Esri are bringing Python to geospatial users in markets such as commercial, utilities, architectural engineering and construction; further fueling innovation in the industry, from ensuring that ports are being run efficiently to providing quality customer service.

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